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The effectiveness of the registered nurse managing the urinary catheter in the adult patient. Proposal Phase - Research Paper Example

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The research has been indicated above and all the literature shall serve as a data collection procedure. When this is done, we say the procedure is a secondary data collection procedure (Wierbicky, 2008). …
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The effectiveness of the registered nurse managing the urinary catheter in the adult patient. Research Proposal Phase
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Extract of sample "The effectiveness of the registered nurse managing the urinary catheter in the adult patient. Proposal Phase"

Download file to see previous pages Secondary data collection shall therefore be the major procedure to be used by the researcher. This is perfectly appropriate because there are several existing research works on urinary catheter that can supply the researcher with adequate and sufficient data. This notwithstanding, there shall also be primary data collection procedures. Primary data collection involves the collection of firsthand data directly by the researcher. The general steps that will be undertaken will involve the collection of data on registered nurses in the site area regarding their treatment to patients with urinary catheter. Data on the progress rate of patients as well as any reported side effects with the urinary catheter shall be collected. Hospital records and forms shall therefore be the major research instruments to use. After collecting such data, the researcher shall present all of it and use existing literature to give interpretation to the data collected. The researcher expects that the outcome of the data collection will lead to the need to design an intervention to educate nurses further on urinary catheter. After the intervention, another set of data shall be taken on improvement rate of patients. The researcher expects that the outcome will this time round be better than before....
After the intervention, another set of data shall be taken on improvement rate of patients. The researcher expects that the outcome will this time round be better than before. Researcher’s Credentials The researcher is rightly matched for this research work. This is because the researcher is well vested in issues of urinary catheter. As a health science student, who has undertaken several clinical and on job tasks in major hospitals and clinics that practice with urinary catheter, the research has the needed knowledge in the interpretation of data and other records that will be collected from the research site. What is more, the researcher has been part of a group of researchers who have been tasked with analyzing over six previous research works on urinary catheter. This means that the researcher is privileged to needed secondary sources of data to make the qualitative research analysis more authentic and reliable. Finally, as a student, the researcher has shown consistency with grades in nursing care. This means that the researcher is a suitable candidate for carrying out the intended interventions in the research site area. Site & Population This is a typical clinical research that demands the use of complicated equipment, access to health records and data, and realistic personnel to supply data and information. This means that the site of the research will best be constituted at a place where the researcher shall be assured of the needed equipment, health records and personnel. To this end, an intensive care unit was chosen. The researcher is hopeful that the intensive care unit has all needed equipment on urinary catheter and records of patients, both past and present. What is more, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The effectiveness of the registered nurse managing the urinary catheter in the adult patient. Research Proposal Phase." is quite often seen among the tasks in high school. Still, this sample opens a brand new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the style for my own document.

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