Electronic Medical Records: The Actual Implementation Process - Assignment Example

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The researcher of this paper aims to evaluate and present electronic medical records: the actual implementation process. The paper tells that the successful EMRS implementation involved more than just choosing a vendor and signing a contract…
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Electronic Medical Records: The Actual Implementation Process
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that it is unlikely to find the process of implementing an EMR to be easy because the process has to be able to address everything expected of it from workflow, and software and hardware selection and installing to training of staff. It therefore required the simplification and streamlining of the implementation process through a number of processes. The implementation team had to develop various simultaneous implementation tasks. These included facility modification, installation of hardware, developing a backup system, software configuration, training, entering old data, work-flow analysis and redesign, dealing with paper and training. A work schedule was drawn for the handling the tasks as well as a deadline for each. One of the important jobs was to understand how work was accomplished in the old system and this was achieved by analyzing all functions of each of the tasks involved. The team evaluated the existing work process, pointing out opportunities for improved efficacy and coming up with workflows that could be implemented with the tools available in the EMR. After this, the team developed a transition plan. Plans for essential changes in the workflow that will lead to the best utilization of the EMR were also developed at the monthly meetings between the office and the medical staff. With the work-flow redesign complete, the facilities required were identified and tested for their functionality before making installations. To avoid spending a lot of money on renovations, the team ensured the EMR system fitted into the existing infrastructural plans. Having developing a good picture of how the staff and patients will be aligned with the EMR system, it was now possible to identify where to put the new EMR equipment. To end the use of paper records, the hospital availed computers and printers in every essential workstation for staff to check or enter data and print materials for patients. After the locations of the hardware were decided, the hospital installed additional network and electrical wiring where necessary. They also installed other relevant support facilities in each workstation like desk drawer for forms, a pull-out writing surface and a pull-out tray for the keyboard. Hardware selection and installation The choice of hardware for the servers and network were made according to the vendor’s requirements and latest recommendations. Hardwired desktop computers were selected for use at the workstations. With the hardware selections made, the team set up a miniature, off-site test installation of the workstation, server, scanners and printers. The equipments were transferred to the various stations for installation. With the help of technicians, the various components of the system were stationed and the necessary software installed by computer scientists and system experts. Test runs were done on the hardware and on the entire system as a whole and bugs and emerging problems appropriately fixed. Considering that some members of staff had little knowledge in relation to computer and computer systems, a training room was set for the purpose of their training. Software configuration Software from different vendors have different configuration requirements. However, security, templates and laboratory data management are common considerations for all EMR products. In order to limit access to various parts of the records to various users, every EMR user was only allowed gain access to the various areas of the record chart and functions within that the location/area necessary for their duties. The main objective was to restrict access to all users for functions that presented obvious risks for accidental or intentional integrity of the chart like deletion of progress notes. A few high-level users were ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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