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Mental Health Nursing: Crafting Decisions and Formulating Judgments - Essay Example

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Mental Health Nursing.
Bastable (2008: pp.5) believes that the role played by the nurses is that of a ‘caregiver’. Thus, during the process of coming to a decision regarding the status of patients, it is necessary for nurses to not commence through logical verifications or commonsensical conjectures;…
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Mental Health Nursing: Crafting Decisions and Formulating Judgments
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Extract of sample "Mental Health Nursing: Crafting Decisions and Formulating Judgments"

Download file to see previous pages Banning (2008a: pp.188) has put forth that clinical decision making is a nurse’s everyday task when it comes to patient care. This assignment is a critical analysis of Trevor’s case by using the clinical decision making model, who is a 47 years old individual, having an account of ‘Delusional Disorder’, has been assessed and analyzed. Trevor is brought in a few hours before 6:00 pm, as my shift begins and is attached to my ward for assessment. He is apprehended under Section 2 of the Mental Health Act as he reports paranoia and aggressive behavior on his part. The wider context of the clinical process will be examined in the conclusion. In this meticulous case in which I, being a nurse, confront Trevor who is finding it difficult to tackle the state he was in, it is necessary for me to keep in mind the key issues before I began the assessment, which, in accordance to Cioffi as presented by Thompson and Dowding (2002: is the derivation of the nursing course. As Hegner, Acello and Caldwell (2009a: pp.15) have provided that the process of assessment for a nurse is to evaluate the patient completely, therefore, this was the time when the utilization of proper approaching, conversing, and comprehension skills was required. Being the nurse in charge, it is necessary for me to prioritize the formulation of the entire ward as equal patient care is essentially important. As put forth by Jasper (2006: pp.221), it is necessary that all decisions made by the nurse are warranted since s/he is liable for all proceedings in reference to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (2004). Thus the other qualified nurse and one of the students shall be in charge of verifying the risk of the suicide patient, while the other student is responsible for observing other patients of the ward and record any irrational scores. Thus, I will consider that the support worker shall remain available for any emergency reports by the student assisting me in the ward. Meanwhile I will assess and evaluate Trevor. The various key issues that are to be kept in mind before Trevor is assessed are formulated step by step. It has been claimed by Petersen (2007: pp.96) that “Listening to understand requires a non-judgmental attitude that can go against what most of us were taught, that is, to listen for rights and wrongs.” Thus, the approach is an empathetic yet formal approach, and one that is non-judgmental in nature as it helps the patient feel at ease with the empathy instead of discomfort. Another key issue which I would focus on will be the differentiation of the procedure of judgment before interaction. It is necessary for nurses to evaluate judgments after the interactions with the patients. The evaluation of judgments before examinations is dense as it eliminates all paths for development of a healthy nurse-patient relationship. In accordance to Hegner, Acello and Caldwell’s (2010b: pp.451) evaluation, it can be presented that the response of each patient to the nurse’s behavior is different, thus the method of variant evaluation needs to be considered. The third key issue that needs to be consi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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