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Concepts in mental Health Consensus and Controversies - Essay Example

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This essay analyzes the origin of mental health, which concept started in 1908 from the psychotherapy movement and was originated by users of psychiatric services and professionals concerned with bettering the conditions and the quality of treatment of people bearing mental problems…
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Concepts in mental Health Consensus and Controversies
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Download file to see previous pages A good understanding of such concept is essentially relevant with mental health care. Origin and Historical Significance of Mental Health Concept The concept of mental health has a polymeric nature, and inaccurate and general borders, which gains from a historical view to be better understood. At present the broadly understood concept of mental health has its origins chased back to advances in public health in different branches of knowledge such as clinical psychopathology and psychological medicine. The origin of the mental hygiene movement can be assigned to the piece of work of Clifford Beers in the United States. A book namely A mind that found itself was published in 1908, which was based on the authors personal experience of admittances to three mental institutions and asylums. Through its origins and in reflecting Beers’ experience in mental hospitals, the mental hygiene movement was chiefly and essentially referred to the betterment of the care of people with mental folies. In the year 1909 when Beers wrote the book, a Mental Hygiene Society was instituted in Connecticut. Adolf Meyer suggested the term “mental hygiene” to Beers (Schneck, 1975). This had got tremendous and quick popularity to the initiation of the National Commission of Mental Hygiene. The Beers (1937) states: “When the National Committee was organized, in 1909, its chief concern was to humanize the care of the insane: to eradicate the abuses, brutalities and neglect from which the mentally sick have traditionally suffered.” The globalization of activities of this Commission led to the administration of some national associations related to mental hygiene in different countries from 1919 onwards. The International...
This essay discusses that in a general sense, mental health has established to be a crucial component of the definition of health and also continues to be used both to indicate a state as an attribute of health. It refers to denote to the crusade deduced from the mental hygiene movement, representing the practical application of psychiatry and psychological medicine not only on an individual basis but also to groups such as societies and communities, as is the case with clinical psychiatry. Mental health is, rather unluckily, even so, considered by many as a field of study, either as an equivalent of psychiatry and psychological medicine or any other complementary fields of psychiatry. Above discussed elements can be served as evidence of the importance of mental health cognition as not only a field of study. For psychiatric nurses, the knowledge of mental health and mental illness concepts is particularly important in a way that they are part of the diagnosing of mental disorders and treatment of mental health patients in outpatient community clinics or inpatient care hospitals. For such a reason, mental health nursing requires specified and specialized training isolated from other segments of care in the field of nursing. Instituting standard concepts of care in mental health nursing ameliorates inter-communication among faculty and the quality of intervention and handling of mental health patients. Dealing with mental health patients interests will better the overall wellness and performance of the patient.
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