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Malnutrition In Children And Preventive Measures - Essay Example

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Malnutrition has emerged as growing health problem all over the world especially in India, Africa, etc. The paper "Malnutrition In Children And Preventive Measures" seeks to examine the growing problem of malnutrition among children and the initiatives taken to mitigate its impact…
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Malnutrition In Children And Preventive Measures
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Download file to see previous pages What is your claim? Is it that it has emerged as growing health problem all over the world or that the long term impact is too severe? What are your main points? They seem to be: economic impact, concentrated in developing countries, active intervention by governments, educational intervention through health care services, women’s rights, and nursing care guidelines for treatment. How could you apply this to your paper so that the thesis statement includes your topic, claim, and indicates the structure, Marco? *Marco 2638165 has requested that you respond to the Introduction/Conclusion: I have no concerns about either your introduction or conclusion as both perform their respective functions well. Your introduction prepares the reader for the essay that follows by proving very helpful background information. The conclusion does a most effective job of reinforcing your overall discussion by echoing your overall thesis and summarizing the main points of discussion. Good work!  Use of Resources: Your citations all comply with APA guidelines—well done, Marco. However, your References page needs a little work. Your References page at the end of the essay correctly lists all of the sources used in your paper in alphabetical order by inverted author’s name. However, they should be presented in a hanging indent. You have also correctly list internet sources with unknown authors under the article or entry name and placed titles in italics.Here are examples and models for you to review against: With electronic sources it is only necessary to give the retrieval date for APA if the website is likely to be updated frequently. While the order may vary, an example of a listing for an electronic source is: Justice, C. (2004, July 28). The struggle against...
If the population is healthy then there would be the generation of a proper workforce which in turn will contribute to the economic growth of the economy. Thus policies are made by the government to ensure a healthy environment. ‘Healthy People 2020" was launched in 2010 by the Department of Health and Human Services which had almost 1200 objectives focusing on different areas of public health. The principle goal of this program was to ensure high-quality life, achievement of health equity, elimination of disparities, promotion of good health and healthy behaviors (CDC, n.d). Keeping the goal of Healthy People 2020 in mind it is essential to seriously look into the matter. Child malnutrition has been growing at an alarming rate in the developing countries. Children represent future generation and hence provision of proper health facilities to curb malnutrition is an essential requirement. If proper attention is not given to this issue then it would hamper the growth of the economy. In the sub- Saharan Africa the number of children who are undernourished (low weight for age) has increased from 90 million in the year 1970 to 225 million in the year 2008. It has been projected that it would increase by another 100 million by 2015 (Teller & Alva, n.d). The situation of malnourishment is equally grim for India where the state of Madhya Pradesh accounts for the highest rate of malnutrition. The seriousness of malnourishment can be understood from the extent of its long term consequences. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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