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The Final Stages: A Journey through the Dying Process - Term Paper Example

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It is usually a very sad experience to see and keep watch of a close intimate or relative behaving in a way that signalizes death. It is worth admitting that death of a relative or a close friend marks the saddest moment ever shared between the deceased and the relative…
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The Final Stages: A Journey through the Dying Process
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Download file to see previous pages Journey through the dying process frustrates the patient as well as the close intimates and associates. It is with particular importance that a dying patient be provided with end of life care giver to whom the patient can talk to during his/her last breaths. In that case, this paper will discuss and analyze various points of the journey through the dying process and the relevant care required. The Final Stages: A Journey through the Dying Process Sonya L. Hicks Paradigm case study This case study explores how health care personnel received urgent and uncalled request to attend to a dying patient at wee hours of the night in a distant admission home. The patient in question was actually at his very last stages of the dying process. On arrival at the patient’s home, the health care profession got frustrated on seeing several family members of the patients seated and making watch of their sick. More frustrations spurred the health care provider on discovering that the patient suffered from metastatic lung cancer. Worth to mention was the great exasperation that fell upon the health care personnel on discovering unique damage on the back of the patient who was actually 40 year old. It happened unfortunately that the health care personnel never encountered a similar situation in his life time experience as a health professional. the family members of the patient more so the younger sibling were dismayed and showed little hope on the recovery of their loved brother. To worsen the situation, was the fact that the health care personnel had no medical tool. However, the determined health care professional held his professional hopes and vow to focus only on the patient and attend to his desires and needs. Reflected from his professional determination, the health care personnel made further efforts and called his physician to bring him medicines and diagnostic materials. With undistinguishable desire to catch up with life, the older sibling of the patient recognized one of his friends who operated drug shop. It therefore occurred that the pain relieving drugs were present at the drug shop. Fortunately, the health care personnel was in perfect need of the pain killers that he believed could calm the patient and let him die peacefully and silently. Good enough for professional health care personnel to do, the medical administrator held back for hours while checking on the patient until he passed on. The patient in mention in the paradigm case study suffered from metastatic lung cancer that had reached its mature stage. Going by the presence of lesions on the back of the patient indicated that the disease reached its critical point at which palliative therapy would not much effective. The patient had moved very close to death and only needed concentrated end of life care. At this level neither chemotherapy nor radiation therapy would produce effective results. Surgery as well could not be appropriate in managing the disease at this critical stage of development. The only solution to the unrest of the family concerning the patient was the administration of pain killer drugs to reduce the pain alongside intensive rehabilitation and encouragement to the patient. Level of proficiency & competencies-paradigm case The health practitioner in the paradigm case study had a good understanding of health care practices and the initiatives of end of life care. This can be seen from his/her noble judgment of diagnosing the patient with pain relieving medicines to calm the patient while dying slowly. The judgment made in this case was viable considering the production of lesion from the body of the patient, which was a good indicator that the disease had matured beyond ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "The Final Stages: A Journey through the Dying Process." is quite popular among the tasks in high school. Still, this text opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own text.

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