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Health Standing for Mexico - Assignment Example

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This paper “Health Standing for Mexico” will talk about the health outlook of Mexico and give three top recommendations to the Mexican leadership. Mexico cumulative health statistics have improved to a great extent over the years. Overall health care expenditure accounted for a 6.9% of GDP…
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Health Standing for Mexico
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Extract of sample "Health Standing for Mexico"

Download file to see previous pages Health Standing for Mexico Mexico cumulative health statistics has improved to a great extent over the years. Nevertheless, Mexico lags behind other Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development nations (OECD) in health standing and health care accessibility. Overall health care expenditure accounted for a 6.9% of GDP in the year 2009; for every capita expenses on health care was US$846, which was adjusted for buying power parity, making it an approximate of a divide of four parts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development typical. In the year 2009, 45.5% of health expenditure was remunerated from public sources. Private backing in Mexico is almost exclusively in the structure of out-of-pocket expenses, as only 3.1% of totality expenses on health are subsidized through private health assurance (UNICEF, 2010). Healthcare within Mexico is worldwide, which makes private programs’ health cover pointless except for utilization in private hospitals. A number of authorities have made a note of that whilst Mexico has a number of 3000 private hospitals; a few private hospices could by a hair's breadth be well thought-out hospitals at all, given that they do not have laboratories, radiography paraphernalia, or even nurses. The outstanding 1000 or several public hospitals take account of the greater part of hospital divans and, in fact, the size of private hospitals are establishments that have less than 20 beds. In the year 2009, Mexico had an approximate of 1.8 doctors as well as 2.2 nurses for every 1,000 population, a noteworthy boost in healthcare human resources over the preceding decade but again underneath the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development standards for these pointers. The death rate for children who are younger than five years of age was 17 for every 1,000 surviving births in the year 2009, and Mexico has given away a faster increase of rate to lower death rates when compared to the United States and Canada within the preceding 10 years. 94% of the populace had direct access to clean water and 85 % to sanitation (UNICEF, 2010). In the same year of 2009, the prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus or acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) amid persons who are 15 years of age to 49 years of age was 0.3%. At 11,000 deaths in a year vs. 22,000 deaths per year in the United States, this corresponds to a 44% elevated per capita mortality rate than the U.S. The Mexican government has made Health Insurance for a New Generation referred to as "Life Insurance for Babies’, which will reduce the death rates of children. This will help families to effectively take care of their children till they reach adulthood, without any difficulties in how they are to pay for health services they access. Universal Care Coverage has been made available for Pregnant Women. This is particularly vital because these women can have access to prenatal care making sure that the unborn babies are well taken care of till they are born and after with the Life Insurance specifically meant for babies (UNICEF, 2010). Top Recommendations to the Mexican Leadership I recommend that Mexican leaders should make universal Care Coverage public for everyone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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