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The Experience of Perioperative Nurses Involved in Organ Procurement - Research Paper Example

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The problem in this research was appropriately implied. Feelings and emotions of perioperative nurses towards the organ donation process is an important consideration as it is seen to play a role in the proliferation of organ donation and the success of the organ donation process (Wang & Lin, 2009)…
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The Experience of Perioperative Nurses Involved in Organ Procurement
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Extract of sample "The Experience of Perioperative Nurses Involved in Organ Procurement"

Download file to see previous pages Although the research question was not clearly stated, it was generally implied from the introduction of the research study. Essentially, the study wants to find out what the general feelings of perioperative nurses involved in the process of organ procurement in Taiwan are (Wang & Lin, 2009). With this research question, the course of the research was clearly directed from the beginning, a key requirement in the development of a fine qualitative research study (Ryan, Coughlan, & Cronin, 2007).
Research Design
The researchers took careful note of the relevance of the qualitative methods being employed in the study. As “organ procurement is a special surgery,” (Wang & Lin, 2009, p. 279) it may not be enough to simply quantify the nurses’ feelings and emotions. Rather, such feelings and emotions ought to be captured using the nurses’ verbatim account on the issue (Wang & Lin, 2009). This view is supported by the study conducted by Manuel, Solberg, and MacDonald (2010) as they looked into organ donation feelings, this time, of family members involved.
The general nature of a qualitative study entails it to use subjects that are required for the specific purpose of the study. Thus, sample size is usually small, and participants are usually acquired using a purposive, non-probabilistic manner (Ryan, Coughlan, & Cronin, 2007). So is the case of this specific study, which utilizes only 6 participants, taken using purposive sampling. These participants are senior perioperative nurses from an organ procurement organization in Taiwan. The minimum work experience of these nurses was at three years, which is an appropriate length of service when considering the feelings they had developed while participating in the organ procurement process (Wang & Lin, 2009). Setting The research setting was a major consideration in this study as it is done in northern Taiwan, a place that is generally known for its cultural reservations on the topics of death and organ donation (Wang & Lin, 2009). This study precisely looks into how nurses in this area feel and so the research setting was appropriately chosen. There was no mention, however, of where the actual interview was conducted. Data Collection Methods Data collection in qualitative research studies generally utilized interviews, though of varying kinds, depending on the general conditions of the research setting and the goals that the research wants to achieve (Broussard, 2006; Ryan, Coughlan, & Cronin, 2007). As such, the research study used a semi-structured questionnaire while conducting individual face-to-face in-depth interviews with the participants. This was used in order to allow the researcher to “lead an open conversation” and “not limit participants in terms of sharing” (Wang & Lin, 2009, p. 279) in order to provide an opportunity for an interactive data collection process. Colling (2003a) considers this an effective data collection process especially when acquiring qualitative data. The researchers also make mention of the structured interview outline being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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