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Nursing assigment: Organizational culture; Nurse and health care; Leadership and culture - Essay Example

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This essay will explicate and analyze how an organization’s culture influences patient care. In so doing, it will also consider leadership and nursing issues in relation to organization’s culture impacts to patient care…
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Nursing assigment: Organizational culture; Nurse and health care; Leadership and culture
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Extract of sample "Nursing assigment: Organizational culture; Nurse and health care; Leadership and culture"

Download file to see previous pages Organizational culture Culture is a collective consciousness and practices of a group. It is about valuing thoughts, actions, practices and beliefs that are shared by the organization which has become a personal system or lifestyle of an individual and of an institution (Liviu & Gavrea, 2008). Organizational culture made a group distinct from another. This may be illustrated by the mode of uniform, their expertise on specific profession, kind of language use, their organizational customs, rituals, artworks, shared history, agreed rules, norms evoked in certain circumstances or in dealing with clients or customers, or as amongst nurses—their patients. Sociology experts viewed culture as social phenomena where an organization recreates their experiences through language and symbols. It is also their distinct approach in classifying themselves using their experiences and knowledge in defining their relations with people, in dealing with their responses to social needs; and in managing their organizations . (Rogojanu, & Badea, 2009). By saying this, those interested to delve into the organization’s or individual’s consciousness to understand behavioral patterns and decision-making need some sociological and anthropological frameworks that will reinvestigate into their customs, practices and shared beliefs or ideologies (Rogojanu, & Badea, 2009; Valeriu & Georgiana, 2009). Organizational culture indeed influences the personality, social and cultural system. It can even be a persuasive instrument to effect or resist change depending on environmental, social, political or ideological causes and underpinnings (Rogojanu, & Badea, 2009). More than that, it establishes identity for cognition of an institution, of an individual or of its practice. In corporate management, business managers would nurture and integrate environmentalism in corporate policies if the company is an ecologist; feminism for organization who is working for the liberalization of women from the vantage of patriarchy and oppression; inner peace for organizations who are advocates for peace; or, patient health care as business ethics for those in medical practices, like nurses. Nurse and health care Nursing is fundamentally about caring--a professional practice which situate a nurse to be in constant contact with the patient. Nurses are educated to take into account the physiological, psychological and sociological information of a patient (Gordon, 1986). In the exercise of this profession, a nurse is committed to promote family, community and national goals of improving health care. It is a practice which requires nurses to sustain their commitment on ethical, legal, professional and delivery of health care (Gordon, 1986 & Nursing Crib, 2007). Nurses are regulated by the state through its licensure examination which is administered for those who passed the degree of nursing. They are those who are immersed in nursing education program and would undertake activities that will assist the well-being of any person who would come for medical care and services (Gordon, 1986). A nurse is multi-functional person. They can be sensitive care-provider, teacher for those aspiring to attain this profession, and a counselor who'd assist person for personal growth and psycho-emotional support. They also offer support mechanism to nurture alternative behaviors for patient under ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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