Big Daddy Kanes song and Its Fitting in Blues - Essay Example

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This essay "Big Daddy Kane’s song and Its Fitting in Blues" looks at the song “Word to the Mother (Land)”. The discussion includes the writing of the song and its performance. Moreover, the writer of this paper will describe what Kane intended to express with the music…
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Big Daddy Kanes song and Its Fitting in Blues
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"Big Daddy Kanes song and Its Fitting in Blues"

Download file to see previous pages Big Daddy Kane’s song does not express his people’s experience in near-comic or near-tragic voice, that is, the second step of Ralph Ellison’s process, which shows penetration of the blues into hip hop (Sanchez). Instead, “Word to the Mother (Land)” manifests Africans’ endurance and moral courage in their beneficial contribution for their freedom. They are seen by the rapper as awareness of Africans’ nature which has broken chains depriving them from liberty. Naturally, “Giving up to brothers five on the back hand…” or rather to say mutual support and striving for better life together with African American brothers and sisters is depicted by Kane’s song as an essential component needed for attaining their goals.
Reaffirming of African Americans’ existence is another point of Big Daddy Kane’s song, which shows its fitting in the third step of the process seen by Ralph Ellison as a characteristic feature of the blues (Sanchez). Actually, the rapper emphasizes not only on his belonging to African Americans and his proud of their will-power but also points at their domination over other skin colors. As it comes from the song, “…the color of black is most dominant”. Still, such use of words must not to be perceived letter for letter, since there is a great probability that in such a way Big Daddy Kane has pointed at the inwardness of the black heart hidden behind the black skin. It refers to the fact that African American “…mother is portrayed as passing on her bad values to her offspring” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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