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The researcher of this essay "Art and Music of Baroque" aims to analyzes the Baroque art and music. There is even a similarity between the paintings of the period and the music. The paints were quite dramatic and so was the music at that time. …
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Art and Music of Baroque
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"Art and Music of Baroque"

This chapter starts by focusing on the link between the Art and the Music of Baroque period of 1600s to 1750s (Wright, 2015). The chapter starts that similar to the huge architecture of the buildings of Baroque, the music was even played on the grand scale and that is why there used to be at times 80 players within the orchestra (Wright, 2015). There is even a similarity between the paintings of the period and the music. The paints were quite dramatic and so was the music at that time. The chapter even focuses on the various distinguishing characteristics of the Baroque music and these characteristics can quite clearly be witnessed in the cantata developed by Barbara Strozzi (Wright, 2015). The features of their music included highly expressive melody which was supported with the aid of harmony by using repeated bass. The chapter even highlights the important characteristics associated with the opera of Baroque through the Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. Their opera used to be highly passionate as well as dramatic and full of tunes and was well supported by a strong bass provided by the entire team of orchestra. The chapter even highlights the difference between the three forms of music that was experienced during the middle ages associated with Baroque music (Wright, 2015). These three forms of music were regarded as the trumpet, canon and the ritornello that was performed in different concerts held during the Baroque period. Read More
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“Art and Music of Baroque Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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... involved elements dealing with religion and sciences in their discourse. A third characteristic of the baroque age was significantly manifested through social living in Europe; the prevailing class structure had widely demonstrated the attitude and opinion on extravagance in the society via architecture, music, arts, and literature which had been promoted, in part, by the lavish life of King Louis XIV. 2. What were some general characteristics of baroque music? Describe at least three characteristics, using appropriate terms from the course readings. Music of the period – 1600-1750 – projects an essential attribute of the baroque style as perceived through its grandiosity, irregularity, and strangeness. Compared to the music... of the...
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