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This is particularly right when we talk about the 60s years of the XX century, the music period known as ‘the British…
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Lesson 6 Discussion & Assignment
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The British Invasion: The Beatles’ Influence Is Over d When we hear the words “British Music”, the first thing that rings our bells is the name of the most popular British band ever – The Beatles. This is particularly right when we talk about the 60s years of the XX century, the music period known as ‘the British Invasion’.
To understand such phenomenon it is necessary to drop into a short study of the success of this band. Though they had image of the guys who were lucky to become famous, it is not the primary reason for the whole world’s audience adoration. The musicians were recognized as the masters of music and took great efforts to make their tracks not just sound, but touch the listener’s mind. Every song, though being simple at the first sight, conveyed the ideas of the things that are eternal for the human being. The Beatles’ style, moreover, introduced music techniques that were new for that time and made the band’s sound unique. Due to this, they managed to reach global sympathy, and their songs appeared in the US music charts. A new music direction, Merseybeat, was distinguished, as the band came from Liverpool, Merseyside. Another success factor is that the band song several languages, which was rather unusual for a typical rock band of that time.
Such breath-taking success of the Beatles is not a reason, however, for pushing other music bands of the British Invasion period aside. This is the case when it is similarly the case of “primus inter pares”, that is, the first among the equal ones, which means that other bands are worth mentioning at least. The Who is a good example of such a band. Introducing not only new sounding, but also scenic drive, breaking a guitar at the concert, for example, they managed to reach not less success than the previously mentioned band.
Taking the above said into consideration, it is quite possible to assume that the Beatles influence on popular music is over estimated. Many bands of today confess that their songs have been composed under impressions the Beatles made on them, but the number of the musicians giving names of other bands is constantly increasing. Today’s music, for instance, is greatly impacted by national motives, as national conscious is rising all over the world along with the growing necessity to take care for one’s own homeland. Read More
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