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Reading Music and Eroticism in Late Ming Texts - Assignment Example

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This research paper outlines that music held a central role in the Ming culture and society, owing to the fact that words only were not sufficient for social expression, thus paving way for the manipulation of music as the basis of expressing individual identities, desires, and eroticism…
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Reading Music and Eroticism in Late Ming Texts
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Download file to see previous pages The late Ming texts have played an important role in preserving the erotic-music notations of the Ming cultural society, owing to the fact the Ming music has long vanished and the only way through which it is preserved is through the textual notations. The factors that account for the vanishing of the Ming music is the secrecy with which the late Ming society would treat erotic emotions, impulses, and practices. In this respect, the erotic impulses, emotions, and impulses in the late Ming society were treated as private matters, only reserved for specific reasons and targeted for specific audiences, thus making their understanding highly complex. The carnal longings and desires of the Ming society were expressed through music, where music and sex were intertwined through dynamic and creative negotiations, allowing music to express and characterize the erotic desire of the time. The sexual desires were expressed through Ming music in a series of manipulated musical aspects such as processes, objects, and sites, where the musical components such as instruments, sounds, and sonic components strategically aired the erotic agenda of the musical performers. The specific times and places where such manipulated music would be played then created the musical sites, while the projection of the sonic and the non-sonic sounds at the specific times and places constituted the music negotiations and processes, which would, in turn, work together towards the formation of erotic musical expressions. The discursive negotiations, processes and musical objects applications allowed the music performers to assert their erotic and sexual desires, thus serving not only as a means of expression but also as a catalyst for interactive bargaining the desires with the audience. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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