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The Rolling Stones - Essay Example

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The original founder of Rolling Stones was Brian Jones. This took place in England in 1962. Brian was a talented musician who could play various instruments. He became famous when playing Blues in London club. He sought…
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The Rolling Stones
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"The Rolling Stones"

Download file to see previous pages This took place at the Flamingo Jazz Club in Soho, London (DeRogatis and Kot 16-20). This paper seeks to discuss the Rolling Stones band and the impact they had in history.
The Rolling Stones have had profound impact in both society and history. This was mostly seen in their fashion. The stones mode of dressing in the 1960’s was strange and somehow unacceptable in the society of this period. Their hair was usually long contrary to society of the day that men should have short hair. In addition, they lived openly with their girlfriends but failed to commit to marriage. This was contrary to society perception in the 1960’s. Old people in society of the time believed young men and women used courtship as a foundation for marriage. Consequently, the old people viewed them as degenerates, a lost lot, and having bad influence to their generation (DeRogatis and Kot 15). In contrast, young people adored them and they had a major influence on the character of young people (DeRogatis and Kot 15). The Stones were always against the society norm and therefore were against society dictatorship. The kids of the day were also against society conformity and standards. Hence, the Stones changed society in myriad ways.
The other important thing of Rolling Stones was their lyrics. Their lyrics talks about real life and captures the attention of the teenagers around the globe. They demonstrate the victory of the youth over old in society. More so, their behavior was wanting and this made them rub shoulders with society. This is especially on their constant use and praising of drugs in their music. This made some of them die due to influence of drug while others underwent rehabilitation. Brian is said to have died in the swimming pool because he was under drug influence. Their clothes, accents and negative attitude about the issues that existed in society is a reflection of the Sixties era (DeRogatis and Kot 40-47).
Moreover, Rolling Stone have had political and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Rolling Stones Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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