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Favorite song music analysis - Term Paper Example

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While people tune in their radios to listen to news and other current affairs, many traditional broadcasters use music to entice an increasingly diverse audience. With the…
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Favorite song music analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The song was recorded by the BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra in 1973 and subsequently played on BBC Radio 4 until 2006. The UK Theme was mainly a start-up, introducing the BBC Radio Shopping Forecast, a broadcast dedicated to reporting weather and maritime forecasts along the British coast. Although Radio 4 does not play whole pieces of music, the UK Theme is an uninterrupted piece played before the introduction of programs.
The traditional tunes in the UK Theme piece represent not only the national maritime tradition but also depict the musical culture of the United Kingdom. The piece combines many tunes beginning with a brass air of Early One Morning. The first section of the UK Theme opens with the tunes of English trombones and horns followed by British strings and woodwind. The use of the English folklore tunes in the first section gives the piece its appeal and originality. This gives the song its patriotic tone. The mood of the song changes in the second section with harp and Irish cor anglais accompaniments.
A critical analysis of the rhythm reveals that the producer combined long and short sounds to come up with a unique British beat. There is a gradual drop in tempo and pitch just after the first 8 bars. The main beats are divided into twos, illustrating the use of simple meter composition and giving the UK Theme its unique mood and unusual appeal. The tone is combined with slow Scottish violin, giving the piece its characteristic timbre. The tempo of the UK Theme slows in the second section. The mood changes further in the third section with tunes from the English strings and Scottish woodwind as well as air from the Royal Navy piccolo. The piece ends with an orchestral version played over the tunes of solo trumpet.
A critical analysis of the UK Theme suggests that the song is simply a collection of traditional British and Irish tunes, symbolizing the tradition of the United Kingdom. The historical, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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