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Comparisons And Differences In Intention By The 1960s& 1990s Musicians - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss the powerful effect of music on almost everyone and due to this advantage, it is often used to pass messages, warnings, campaign against rights, call for uprising among other reasons include Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Billie Ocean, Ray Charles, Bob Marley and Tina Tuner to name a few…
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Comparisons And Differences In Intention By The 1960s& 1990s Musicians
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"Comparisons And Differences In Intention By The 1960s& 1990s Musicians"

Download file to see previous pages He mainly focused on things that touch people around him and then wrote good lyrics or had them written down by good songwriters for him to sing. He was born in Gary in 1958, at a place called Gary, Indiana in the United States. His father, Joseph Jackson was a guitarist but had to give up following his marriage. Michael Jackson had several nicknames e.g. The Gloved One, Wacko Jacko, MJ and King of Pop. Apart from entertaining through singing, he also had dancing skills which gave a trademark. In his black shoes, white socks and trousers above heel, he showcase the moonlight walk style. His hit 'heal the world' resulted to a Foundation which helped collect funds to purchase foods medical supplies to the then war torn Sarajevo, running of immunization drug abuse educational programmes ,paying child's liver transplants in Hungary. He also did 'We are the world' with Lionel Richie, a co-writer and other musicians like Stevie Wonder. The song was a call to everyone in the world to come out and give aid to people in Africa. The income generated was used in buying essential necessities for people in Africa mainly. Former America's president Ronald Reagan wanted to award him with a Humanitarian Rights Award together with other two but, a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court advised against the whole idea, saying it was much worthy of a pop star. His music also educated people, black or white was a song done to inform that skin color did not really matter, whether black or white, there was an equal access to rights at that time when there was tension between blacks &whites. Bellie jean was a ballad, telling a story about how a certain guy impregnated a particular lady and later on denied it. These are things that do happen day in day out to people we know in our societies. It plays the role of an eye-opener (Michael, 2008).
Using different song themes, a wide range of ideas were spread to all parts of the world.'Beat it' was used in commercials against drunk driving. The intentional was to evoke changes in lifestyles, warn of the likely dangers and the same time bring fun through the classical beats. 'Jacko'as he was sometimes referred to remains to be one of the greatest artists of all times. As a general expectation of a musician, he did perform songs in praise of women who got him charmed such as you rock my world. Michael Jackson was able to achieve a lot through music. He was the first solo artist to have no.1 hits and albums in the billboard charts. As a result this won him fame and recognition globally. He managed to appear in the Guinness Book of Records as one of the best singers/dancer. When the U.S invaded Iraq, MJ decided to do an anti-war song to show his dislike of the act and as well represent others with the same opinion. The song title was we've had enough. Though little was done about the invasion, at least it showed that people were watching or rather following (Michael, 2008).
The second artist am going to highlight about is Stevie Wonder, I chose because of his uniqueness and the ability to sing& play an instrument, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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