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World Fusion - Essay Example

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World fusion music is a term that was first introduced in 1978 by the group leaders of ‘Ancient Future’ (Hadden, 87). Evidently, it was a description of the unique mixture of musical traditions from around the world that was synonymous with the band’s music. …
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World Fusion
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"World Fusion"

Download file to see previous pages According to Mathew Montfort, the author of “Ancient Traditions—Future Possibilities: Rhythmic Training Through The Traditions of Africa, Bali, and India,” he defines it as music consistent of a variety of musical ideas from the world’s traditions. World fusion music is a variant definition of the term world music. To this end, Dr. Robert Brown, an ethnomusicologist from the Center of World Music, used world music in reference to all the traditional music available throughout the world which is inclusive of Cajun and Balinese music. On the other hand, Montfort incorporated the term fusion as a distinguishing term of the contemporary sound by ‘Ancient Future,’ from the traditional music that inspired it (Broughton, Simon, Trillo, and Ellingham, 56). World fusion music has been largely influenced by the cross cultural interaction of people all over the world that resulted into the exchange music. For example, Flamenco music is believed to be the result of the cross-cultural interaction between Cale and Andalucian people. Evidently, composers of cross cultural music are driven by the conscious efforts to exhibit the significance of learning and appreciating music from different cultures. The subsequent sections will delve into characteristics of the genre, instruments, culture, religion, prominent composers, aspects of notation, performance venues, and other aspects related to world fusions music. Characteristics of World Fusion World fusion music delves into the realistic musical background within various traditions. To this end, world fusion can be seen as a process involving different stages. The first stage of world fusion music entails the experiences that are evident when musicians drawn from different cultures and devoid of knowledge of each other’s traditions attempt to establish a common ground. In this regard, there are usually mixed results characteristics of great moments and instances of searching (Broughton and Burton, 76) The second stage is characterized with many musicians studying different music types in search of knowledge and inspiration and consequently applying the information acquired to create their art. In this regard, this stage is synonymous with the conception of ‘Ancient Future’ in 1978. The final stage is evident when master musicians drawn from different cultures create world fusion following years of learning from each other and created an understanding of each other traditions. Evidently, the third stage world fusion music is evident in the “Planet Passion” record produced by Ancient Future. In this regard, whenever master musicians drawn from different cultures perform together, there are a host of benefits which arise. To this end, the musicians achieve growth as they learn new forms and techniques which further enriches their music. World fusion is equally a blending of different musical genres that complement each other and consequently enrich knowledge in the global music. Furthermore, there is also a blend in tempo, rhythm, dynamic and style. To this end, world fusion entails a cross cultural music collaboration of indigenous, western classical and folk tunes which result into a unique musical blend. Other musical characteristics of world fusion entail modal and none Western scales, complex rhythmic patterns and melismas (Broughton, Simon, Ellingham, and Trillo, 192). Furthermore, the thematic messages synonymous with world fusion music include exploitation of indigenous people, conservation and political undertones concerning war. The rhythmic characteristics synonymous with world fusions music is evident from the messages normally conveyed. The conveyance of the rhythmic stories reverberates with the daily experiences of life. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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World Fusion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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