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Music in Brazil - Essay Example

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Music in Brazil Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Music in Brazil Introduction Brazil is one of the countries in South America and its music was primarily influenced by Portuguese invaders, who landed in the country in the 19th century…
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Music in Brazil
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Download file to see previous pages The French Revolution also had a significant impact on Brazilian music. Similarly, mines are another major influence in the evolution of Brazilian music. The music of Brazil appeared very limited as only very few compositions could be found in their original tradition. The authors were: Francisco Gomes da Rocha (1754-1808), Manuel Dias de Oliveira (1735-1813), Jose Joaquim Emerico Lobo de Mesquita (1746-1805) and Joao de Deus de Castro Lobo (1794-1830). The first reference to Brazilian music pertains to 1578 and is titled “Viagem a Terra do Brazil,” or the journey to the land of Brazil, composed by Jean De Lery. A major trend in the Brazilian music scenario was the prevalence of discrimination on the basis of religion, gender and socio-economic status. This trend also reflected on music education in the country and only a few children had studied music in Brazil. Thus, formal education in this fine art remained limited. Thus, most of the music derived from the informal learning background and through traditions. The musical practices in Brazil developed into two distinct categories in the states of Para and Marahao. In the Brazilian tradition, children also enjoyed music as adult and they had songs on a wide variety of themes, during the Orphenonic movement in the 1940s. The songs, which were usually heard during many of the traditional celebrations, were sung by illiterate people from all the communities, thus adding up to the history of Brazilian music. The Principle Characteristics of Brazilian Music The history of music in Brazil began with the arrival of Portuguese and the Jesuits used choir groups in the church. As a result, music became more popular among common people. During those days, slavery was prevalent in the country and the children of slaves did not have the privilege of schooling. Hence, a wide gap came into existence between the musical practices of the rich and poor people in the earlier times. Music appeared to be a major discipline in Brazilian culture. Researchers from various places developed an interest in the musical practices by different communities, as well as the traditional institutions. Many educational institutions began publishing the material on music, which brought music practices by different communities in Brazil to the limelight. An irrefutable element in the Brazilian music is the strong influence of the Portuguese language. Besides, many African and native words also found their way into Brazilian music which contributed to the forging of an African rhythm, which rendered to the Brazilian music a more sensual and romantic style in its transformation. Brazilian music deploys a wide array of musical instruments in its composition. In the early days the composers mainly relied on drums and percussion, which was similar to the African Diaspora. Another significant influence was the Atabaques, which are narrowed drums of Africa, with their top covered by calf skin. These drums came in different sizes, which were prominently used in the rituals in Brazil. Other instruments included bamboo, which is in the category of surdos, which meant deaf drums; Alfaias (rope-drums); Zabumbas which had a low sound with two heads; repiniques which were a high pitched drum; Pandeiros which were a single headed hand drums, and so many others. “In contrast to the economic inequality that historically pervaded Brazilian society, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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