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Developments of Music and How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry for Artists - Essay Example

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This report talks that the music industry has been heavily influenced by technology in all aspects especially its production. The theory and instruments involved in the production of music have been revolutionized over the years with each technological advent. …
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Developments of Music and How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry for Artists
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"Developments of Music and How the Internet Has Changed the Music Industry for Artists"

Download file to see previous pages Later on in the century, other modifications had to be fixed to the mechanism to enable audio playback for the sounds captured by the device (Inglis 2006, p. 111). This was essentially in the form of a phonograph, which was pioneered by Thomas Edison. The phonograph enabled for the reproduction of the recorded music as opposed to the phonautograph that only enabled recording but no playback. An advancement of the phonograph led to the invention of the world renowned gramophone, which then set a new bar in the production of, and recording of musical pieces. Emile Berliner held the patent for the gramophone, thereby cementing her name in the music production history. It also brought the onset of disks as a medium for storing sound pieces and later on allowing for their playback through a form of rotational mechanism. However, all these advancements in the production of music still relied on mechanical mechanisms, as their periods of invention fell within the time that could not allow for integration with electricity (Fenlon 2009, p. 243). The onset of electronic recording was in the early 20th century, and this greatly improved the recording and production of music. This was especially with the advent of the microphone, which replaced the initial mechanical means of recording sound. After the introduction of the electric forms of music recording, most of the music production processes adopted the microphone as the chief equipment for recording music (Goetschius & Tapper 2001, p. 211). This was still reliant upon discs where the electronic recording would be applied either on a single side or on both sides of the disc. Furthermore, another breakthrough in the line of music recording came with the invention of magnetic form of music recording. This was through an...
This essay approves that music production has been highly modernized in respect to technological advancements. This is especially since the first forms of music production were an easy task that involved neither a lot of people nor any forms of complex instruments or mechanisms. The pioneering music production mechanisms involved quick processes that took only a couple of days and the music would have been produced. These early forms of recording, such as acoustical recording mechanisms, involved live and direct recording of the music on a medium. Through this, music was passed through some medium to finally reach the audience.
This report makes a conclusion that upcoming artists need not be within recording studios as they can easily send their raw musical compositions to producers through the internet who then process it and give them feedback still through the internet. On a general outlook, the internet is used throughout the production of music in the contemporary world. All processes ranging from the recording to the advertising and distribution is web based and the process has been made even faster. The development of music from the initial phases pioneered by Thomas Edison to the era of the internet in relation to music production has highly influenced the trends in how music has developed. All the stages have been essential in music transformation, with the internet being the most revolutionary in most perspectives. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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