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New Original Programme - Coursework Example

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New Original Programme Author Course Grade Institution 15th December 2011 New Original Programme Introduction Programme in the media can take various forms. It has been identified as a mechanism through which information is provided through the television and other media…
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New Original Programme Coursework
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Download file to see previous pages Music programmes began to rise in the 1990s with the coming of many music genres. Most of them provided a countdown of hit songs as voted by fans. The 21st century came with numerous changes in the presentation of programmes. Few categories of programmes existed, and the shift has seen the inclusion of new categories of programmes. Specialization within the programming sector of TV can be attributed to the rising demand for new programmes. Design of programmes continues to change immensely in the aim to satisfy the growing number of viewers, and their needs. The producers of programmes can link the demographics of viewers with the increase in specialization. Specialization has also been extensively utilized in the TV channels. The channels continue to specialize as a way of cutting a market niche for themselves in the extremely competitive airwave market. MTV, for example, is a TV channel dedicated only to music. Specialization continues to be extremely attractive to numerous players in the industry. New programme According to Jevon Saba, 2011, the most popular programmes for 2010 were fiction series programmes. This was based on the international popularity assessment conducted in 2011. Around the globe, these programmes led in the number of views as well as popularity from persons questioned. Music programmes have not been popular owing to the fact that they target a specific group of viewers. This immensely affects their popularity with groups of different demographic. The new programme proposed in this report shall be an analysis and interpretation show. The set up proposed shall be of a talk show or panel show. The programme shall be analyzing music related issues and discussing the progress achieved in music. Over the years, musicians have continued to use talk shows as a way of popularizing themselves to the masses. A music talk show shall present a platform for music related matters to be discussed. The popularity of talk shows increases in relation to the content and the host. This field of shows continues to gain popularity in the 21st century due to their content (Banerjee et al 2006). Many viewers see them as avenues of collecting information about fundamental elements of interest in life. The new music talk show shall give an opportunity to producers of records a chance to be seen in public. Enough information shall be availed to the viewers from the interviews conducted during the talk show. The entertainment aspect in talk shows can be presented in the different elements involved in the show. The show shall be a 40 minute programme. The host shall introduce the guests for each show and ask the several questions. This shall form the first part of the show. The second part shall involve the audience in the studio asking questions to the guest while the last part shall be for viewers to ask their questions via telephone. Each part shall be ten minutes long and the two commercial breaks shall each be five minutes. The commercial breaks shall allow for the sponsors and advertisers to run short commercials during the programme time. Talk show hosting Talk show hosting continues to be popular in the 21st century. Larry king and Oprah Winfrey are some of the best internationally recognized icons of talk show hosting. In the music industry however the talk shows have been very few. The new programme shall seek the services of a renowned personality within the industry. The proposed programme seeks to have Kabelo Ngakane hosting the talk show and conducting the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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