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The Significance of Lyrics in a Song - Essay Example

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The paper is discussing the role of the lyrics in music. How are they written? What position does the lyric occupy in composition? Answers on those questions you will find in this paper…
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The Significance of Lyrics in a Song
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"The Significance of Lyrics in a Song"

Download file to see previous pages The significance of words in a song is very well known. Indeed words are the building blocks of the songs. Any song writer will know the relevance of the words for its composition. It is the words that cause a stir in the minds of the song composer and as a result of this kind of effect; the song takes its birth. The song writer often uses special techniques so as to blend the words, to make the song quite unique and at the same time inspire the listeners. Indeed this could be considered as the real history behind the production of the songs. It is through this process by which the great song composers have been able to produce the greatest songs, ever known in the history of mankind.
The power of the words is so much that, it can make the mind of the composer as well as the listener to get motivated and boosted up and take oneself to an elevated magical platform, where the inner meaning of the words can be visualized and realized. For this reason they are extremely choosy about the words and feel that a song’s whole power lies in it. ...
Thus based on the song written the music is composed in such a way that, the tune fits very well with the words or lyrics and gives a unique experience to the listener. ( ) This technique is most commonly used in the case of popular song creation and very well seen in the case of the national anthem, where the tunes and the melody composed is made to fit with the text that is being written. It is always seen that in a majority of cases the music composers are not expert song writers due to which, they rely heavily on the lyrics and the poems written by others. This has been the common practice among the music composers down the ages and belonging to different nationalities. Almost in all the countries like England, Germany and America this system has been practiced. Examples are Franz Schubert who had been a very well known German music composer, very well relied on the poetry of many famous German poets like Heinrich Heine and many others. Aaron Copland the American music composer was very much attracted to the poetry, that was written by Emily Dickinson and almost all the major musical works were based on the verses of this poet. ( ) Thus history has been filled with several such cases which very well prove that, the greatest music composers the world over have been very much inspired by the verses of poetry written by the great poets. They get inspiration from them and tune their music based on the settings and text of the poems. It has been seen that in the modern day, it is not only the traditional music composers who tune their songs based on the poetry works but also the various rock bands and pop bands also compose the music, taking direct inspiration from the poetic ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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