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One of these or all these factors contribute to the emergence and spread of a certain disease to a certain region and country. The emergence of plague and other epidemics in the African region is of…
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A Plague Upon Us
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Topic: The emergence and reemergence of a disease depends on various factors. One of these or all these factors contribute tothe emergence and spread of a certain disease to a certain region and country. The emergence of plague and other epidemics in the African region is of considerable importance and worry since these diseases can certainly spread to other parts of the world including the US. The root cause of these diseases is necessary to be found and eradicated to avoid the emergence of an epidemic in other parts of the world.
An epidemiological study is required to find out the characteristics of the epidemic in the African region. First of all, it is very important to identify the primary case and find out the where the disease started from. This can be done by studying the epidemiological statistics of the affected areas such the number of people affected and the mortality rate. Also, it very important here to understand the Ice Berg phenomenon which helps identify cases with no signs and symptoms. It is also important identify those at risk e.g. family, close relatives and those who have been in contact with the affected patients. It is important to identify the causative agent of the disease, find out its incubation period and quarantine those at risk atleast for the incubation period of the disease. Development of a vaccine just in case a patient comes to US carrying the disease and causes an epidemic. Blood, Urine, stool and sputum sample of the affected patients should be studied to find out the causative agent and develop proper medications against it. Also, finding the vector and eradicating it in the country is necessary to avoid an epidemic in the country. Read More
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A Plague Upon Us Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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