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The War on Poverty - Social Welfair Policy - Assignment Example

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These include reduction in family size, women getting employed and more people completing education. However, there are still factors that are…
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The War on Poverty - Social Welfair Policy
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Download file to see previous pages Family size has reduced drastically hence reducing the mouths to feed and cloths which decreases the overall budget for the household encouraging more saving. Women have been able to break the stereotypes and started engaging in reproductive work bringing in additional income to the family. Majority of the people are completing their high school education which means they are getting better employment and remunerations to eliminate poverty.
Income inequality has been on the increase with the rich becoming richer through investments while the poor continue to wallow in poverty as they lack even the money for basic amenities yet are still expected to pay their share of taxes. The number of male under employment has continued to decrease hence reducing family income and the family heading towards poverty. With the increase in single parenthood, many of these parents are unable to provide fully for their families leaving them to struggle to even complete school.
Social security programs offered to the elderly are an opportunity to completely eliminate the elderly from the poverty statistics and an opportunity to assist them lead better lives. Public programs have started being funded by government and NGOs making them affordable to the local people who can now save the money they were spending on healthcare for example and also embrace the free education being offered. The government offers unemployment benefits and this amount has been increased which mean the unemployed can move from the category of living below poverty line and start sustaining themselves.
The problem with the opportunities to reduce poverty mentioned above will lead to a reduction in the amount of people paying tax as well as the tax being collected which means the haves will have to up their tax contribution to sustain the nation. People are bound to take advantage of their handouts from government to be lazy and relax in the issue of job hunting hence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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