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Paganism in Modern Ireland - Research Paper Example

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The idea that Druids and Witches are real persons who are inclined to a certain traditional practices with serious intent is hard to belief for many individuals in the contemporary world. Neo-paganism is simply a group of religious movements that claim to be resulting from…
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Paganism in Modern Ireland
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Download file to see previous pages The neo-pagan movement is very distinct from the pre-Christian movements in the world. The neo-pagan religion as the members refer to it use unique labels such as earth based spiritualists to identify themselves. The modern paganism movement includes both Druid and witchcraft beliefs. Witchcraft stems from an array of paths that include Wicca which is a mystical religion. It may also include hereditary witchcraft that is usually passed from one generation to the next in the family lineage. The last form of witchcraft may include hedge witchery of traditional witchcraft that is the modern way of witchcraft that is usually based on traditional practices that are associated with pre-modern Ireland Wise women. These wise women are believed to have been healers and used herbalism and other traditional ways to treat human beings when they fell ill (Kimberly).
The word pagan originates from the Latin word “paganus” that means country dweller. Another form of Neo-paganism is heathenism that originates from the old English word that mean “inhabiting open country”. It is believed to be the root for the word heath that means areas of moorland. As this word suggest the old traditional ways, the word pagan as also come to be defined as the “nature religion”. Therefore, Neo-paganism is believed to be a religion with well-set moral and ethical principles (Kimberly).
Many people in the world do not specifically understand what exactly neo-paganism is since the association has been greatly misapprehended, largely because it is not widely spread in the world. The mention of the word pagan in the modern Ireland country brings the perception that it is a person without a formal belief in a certain religion simply put, an atheist or even a person who beliefs in anti-Christian practices. The use of the word anti-Christian originates from the way the Christians use the word heathen and pagan to refer to satanic or evil (Smith). The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Paganism in Modern Ireland Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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