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One of the 10 Principles of Caregiving - Essay Example

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Spend quality time is one of the ten principles of caregiving that triggers a memory in me, owing to the fact that it was adequately observed by my caregiver who was my mother. According to this principle, children needs undivided attention from their caregivers; and it is not…
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One of the 10 Principles of Caregiving
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"One of the 10 Principles of Caregiving"

Download file to see previous pages All I can remember about my childhood is the quality times we used to spend together engaging in different types of activities, but the most memorable is the Sunday afternoon family reunion, where my mother ensured that all the members of our family were at home on Sunday afternoons, during which we could undertake different activities together such as making the family barbeque in our backyard. However, the most interesting thing about the family reunion is that I enjoyed the highest attention as the youngest in our family, and out of it, I still wish to be home all Sunday afternoons, since it is the time that I ever experienced true love in a way that has not been possible to experience from the outside world.
The experience relates to spending quality time principle of caregiving, in that through spending a lot of time together with my mother and also the rest of the family members especially on Sunday afternoons have triggered the emotional response of wanting to be home every Sunday afternoon. Additionally, the quality time we spent together did not just create value in terms of time sent, but the effect was the formation of a long-lasting bond of love that does not only unite the two of us, but also the whole family.
The quality time spent together with my mother at childhood has enabled me to learn things easily as well as develop strong relationships with my immediate family members. The bonding between me and my mother did not only help to bond the two of us, but also to bond and integrate me to the family system in a manner that has made anyone of our immediate family strongly attached to our mother. This love and attention that I received has been the basis of my relationship with all members of the female gender, since I have developed the tendency to interact with them as tender, kind and caring members of the society, since that is all I was able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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