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Intorduction to Communication-Outline-project - Assignment Example

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In the year 2001, Jessie Nelson directed and written the drama movie “I am Sam.” The movie depicted the importance of communication in daily life for which the two communication elements i.e. ‘relational dialetics’ and ‘compromising’ have been taken into concern…
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Intorduction to Communication-Outline-project
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Download file to see previous pages Sam’, the element of ‘relational dialectics’ between Sam and Lucy can be observed in the scene wherein Sam cares and love Lucy and the cognitive process of Lucy surpasses Sam (Solomon & Nelson, 2001).
From the above analysis, it can be ascertained that the drama movie ‘I am Sam’ demonstrated the two elements of relational dialectics and compromising in the form of generating secrets and emotions. This demonstration might impact personal life in the form of sharing feelings of one another effectively and managing situations wherein greater level of compromise is needed.
Isaac, C., Petrashek, K., Steiner, M., Manwell, L. B., Byars-Winston, A., & Carnes, M. (2013). Male spouses of women physicians: Communication, compromise, and carving out time. The Qualitative Report 2013, 18(104), ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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