Global Governance - International Relations . question: Why liberalism is the most appropriate theory in Global Governance - Essay Example

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For instance, the global climatic change is an issue that threatens the living conditions of mankind, and the future inhabitants of earth. Another example is the 2008 global…
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Global Governance - International Relations . Essay question: Why liberalism is the most appropriate theory in Global Governance
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Download file to see previous pages Because of the evolution and the emergence of these challenges, it is difficult for the citizens of various nations to trust their policy makers, based on competency and impartiality. Muldoon (2011) further go on to denote that the global institutions and organizations that have been formed to handle these challenges are unable to effectively handle these problems, and address the various challenges that face the global community.
It is also important to understand that global institutions are limited in solving these global issues because they normally lack democratic legitimacy that can help them garner enough support, to solve the issues under consideration. On the other hand, Rittberger (2001) denote that national governments and institutions are limited in solving these global issues because of the emergence of globalization. On this basis, there is always a need of collaboration between non-state actors and state actors in solving problems that are global in nature. This therefore brings us to a concept referred to as world politics, whereby there is a interaction between non state actors, and state actors on the international arena.
This paper seeks to answer the question as to why liberalism is the best theoretical framework that explains the concept of globalization. In achieving its objectives, this paper will analyze various competing theoretical frameworks such as realism and Marxism, and give reasons as to why they are not suited to explain the concept of global governance (Stubbs and Underhill, 2006). Thereafter this paper will explain the concept of liberalism, its main tenets, and how it support global governance. Finally this paper will contain a conclusion, which is a summary of the main points addressed in this paper.
Muldoon (2011) denote that the best ideological framework that supports interaction at the global level is liberalism. However, Rittberger (2001) denote that people differ on how they understand the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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