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Behavioural Intervention Grading Scheme - Case Study Example

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Alyssa Crayon is a young girl suffering from Autism and the condition has led to her being separated from other children and thus far has affected her personal growth as a child and subsequently interfered with her education. It is for this case that she needs to experience some…
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Behavioural Intervention Grading Scheme
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Download file to see previous pages Alyssa will get a chance to showcase her potential and overcome the obstacle of Autism to thrive in the world of education just like her peers and mentors.
Alyssa’s problem behaviour of punching and scratching her legs and arms when upset has led to her being moved away from her peers and other care givers. This has led to her being examined by her physician, Dr. Taylor who has recommended a rationale and monitoring her behaviour since she does not have any history.
The Joint attention process is one of the underpinning skills of communal behaviour. A joint attention is a communal contact between a child and another whereby they carve up attention on a familiar subject matter or purpose. Joint attention develops by whats more responding to one’s awareness directive or developing joint attention with an extra person.
The major rationale of the Joint attention program is the “application of an objective as the way for obtaining a grown-ups attention”. The involved child (in our case Alyssa) develops a significant social contact with the adult care givers by directing their gazes at the mutual objective or coming to terms with the adults’ satisfaction of the objective by smiling and responding properly.
Imitation is the foundation for gaining a new-fangled skill set. A child suffering from autism will observe a skill and emulate the behaviour in anticipation of competently learning and generalizing the new skill into all domains. Alyssa will definitely benefit from taking part in such a task since she will feel accommodated and gain the confidence of her peers and care givers.
Social play manners is a multifaceted set of inherent behaviours used to pilot peer play. Restricted ability to act in response to joint attention bids, kick off social interaction and emulate social behaviour diminish social play ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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