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As stated by many researchers, globalization is mostly viewed as a positive attribute. More than that, globalization has brought about several…
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Terrorist Strategies
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Terrorist Strategies Terrorist Strategies This is a research study that accesses and identifies how globalization has brought about diverse attributes to terrorist strategies. As stated by many researchers, globalization is mostly viewed as a positive attribute. More than that, globalization has brought about several limitations contributing to terrorist strategies. There are different forms of terrorist strategies. There is provocative strategy that takes an upper hand due to its diverse use by many terrorists. It is a strategy whereby terrorists target not only their enemies but also their sympathizers’. Terrorists are seen to use indirect means instead of attacking perceived enemies directly (Letschert, & Dijk, 2011). Post, Sprinzak & Denny (2002) assert that provocative strategy is the major strategy that influences the decision making of terrorists.
According to Michael (2009), Al-Qaedas Internet Strategy uses internet to indulge into terrorism activities. An American named Adam Gadahn joined the terrorist group to assist the Al-Qaeda in creating an internet strategy used to provoke the American government.
Another terrorist strategy in use is the media strategy. This type of strategy goes in hand with provocative strategy. Blanchard (November 16, 2004), further explains that posting of audio, visual and faxed statements have served a major provocative strategy. This strategy aims at physiological torture to the intended or targeted crowd. As stated by Ciovacco (2009), the use of technology and innovation gives the media strategy a milestone for it to prosper and linking it with provocative strategy is seen to successful. Relevance of this source is that it brings up the perfection of linking different strategies to achieve similar goal.
Ciovacco, C. J. (2009). The Contours of Al Qaedas Media Strategy. Studies In Conflict & Terrorism, 32(10), 853-875.
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Post, J.M., Sprinzak, E. & Denny, L.M. (2002). The terrorists in their own words: Interviews with 35 incarcerated Middle East Terrorists. George Town University. Read More
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