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Child Labour in Bangladesh - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss the cultural and ethical challenges that child labour within Bangladesh and elsewhere throughout Southeast Asia necessarily implies. Furthermore, the essay will seek to define the responsibilities that corporations have as part of a broader corporate…
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Child Labour in Bangladesh
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Download file to see previous pages Workers are oftentimes forced to work long hours in unsafe working conditions for little pay and some are forced to start working at a very young age. I will argue whether sweatshops actually raise the standard of living in third world countries, if in fact unfair working conditions are better than no job at all, or if sweatshops are merely exploitation
When the terms “sweatshop” and/or “child labour” are used, there are a host of images that come to the readers mind. The broad majority of these are of course negative; however, a few scant positive opportunities exist with relation to the term as well. For purposes of this research, this brief analysis essay will consider some of the most relevant pros and cons associated with the existence and operation of sweatshops within the developing world. Furthermore, this paper will also seek to engage the reader with the understanding that regardless of the level of exploitation or non-exploitation that may or may not be taking place within the supply chains of many Multi-National Corporations. As such, this essay will attempt to weight both sides of these arguments in an attempt to determine whether exploitation of vulnerable/at-risk individuals and/or societies defines the means or production across the board or whether this means of production actually helps to raise the standard of living in some of the poorest and most economically depressed regions of the world (Ray & Chatterjee, 2012).
As a means of fully understanding this question, this author will first consider the fact that almost invariably when one mentions the down sides of child/sweat shop labour, the phrase itself is nearly invariably used in conjunction with child-labour. Although this is not the case in all situations, the two terms have become so interchangeably used so as to oftentimes blur the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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