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Are people afraid of saying the truth against the government in public - Essay Example

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In totalitarian countries such as China or North Korea, people do not have the right to question governmental policies. But in democratic countries such as America or…
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Are people afraid of saying the truth against the government in public
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Extract of sample "Are people afraid of saying the truth against the government in public"

Download file to see previous pages However, governments often try to protect the interest of the public who voted in favor of them in the parliament elections. Thus lots of controversies will take place about the governmental policies among the public. Some people argue that people in a democratic country do not have the fear or concerns while opposing controversial governmental policies whereas some others argue that people are afraid of protesting against the controversial governmental policies. In this paper, I argue that in most of the times, general public are afraid of saying the truth against the government in public.
Many people believe that, irrespective of rich or poor, people have the authority to protest against the governmental policies. However, in reality, poor people always stay away from protesting against the controversial governmental policies. Elite groups in the society always get lot of benefits from the government. Their influence on the government is comparatively more than that of the poor or disadvantaged people. Most of the politicians have the habit of approaching the poor people only when they were contesting elections. Thereafter, they will forget about the poor people. On the other hand, wealthy people or influential people always have a big say in the governmental policies. Therefore, their interests will be protected most of the times and the governmental policies affect only the poor people. As part of social security measures, governments give some benefits to the poor people. Governments can withdraw such benefits, if poor people protest against governmental policies. Such a fear prevents poor people from protesting against the government. The following report appeared on The guardian (Tuesday 22 January 2013) is relevant here.
Campaigning charities are increasingly fearful of speaking out on behalf of vulnerable people because of the widespread ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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