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For starters, this is a magnificent way of allowing a person to smartly engineer an effective action plan and engage in a continuous learning process…
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Reflective assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Facts and discussion presented in this assignment are basically structured in accordance with the Gibbs reflective model (1988). To validate the reflection practice, this paper includes a case scenario in which the practitioners involved in the care of the patient did not pay adequate attention to the importance of effective communication. Consequently, this lack of communication affected the patient for the worse. Therefore, this paper aims at scrutinizing the best research evidence to emphasize the need for proper communication in health care in order to refine clinical practice and respect patient values.
Several years ago, I was in the cardiac theatre working as an anaesthesia technician and meanwhile, one 5 years old boy who was a cardiac patient was undergoing dental clearance by a trainee dentist. After the trainee was through, the inhalation agent got terminated so as to allow the patient recover prior to the removal of the endotracheal tube. Now in many situations, it is too risky for novices like dentists undergoing training to take full control of actual procedures to be performed on the patients and it also appeared later from a consent form that the patient’s parents had never agreed to the direct involvement of anyone but highly qualified professionals in their child’s treatment in the OT. Clearly, this critical incident originated due to lack of healthy communication between the surgeons and patients which is essential to avoiding risks in the OT. Though the patient did not experience a considerable harm but his parents had desired for any intervention to be carried out by trained professionals and not by trainees.
Shock was one of the feelings that overcame me first when from another anaesthesia technician I learned that the patient’s parents had not wished for the involvement of a trainee to avoid any possible risks. This fellow technician despite knowing of the parents’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflective Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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