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What impact does age has on technostress - Research Paper Example

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The creation of computer hardware and software, databases, telecommunications as well as the Internet has affected the whole society. Drake (2000) argues that the escalating…
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What impact does age has on technostress
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Extract of sample "What impact does age has on technostress"

Download file to see previous pages Adapting to technology is not usually simple, and this has led to a health concern; the pressure resulting from extensive technology use has led to technostress, which is a modern ailment caused by people’s incapability to deal with new technologies in a good way.
Technostress also refers to all the unconstructive impacts on behaviors, body physiology, and thoughts resulting directly or indirectly from technology (Coklar & Sahin, 2011). It affects the memory thereby causing people to lose track of what they wanted to say or do. Technostress is usually evident in two different but interconnected forms: in the effort to understand technology and in over-identification with computer technology. It affects professionals and executives, librarians, bankers, students and adolescents, librarians, store clerks, internet users, home computer users, and officer support personnel and many other people. The underlying causes of technostress include issues of technology anxiety, time management, lack of proper training, an increased workload, the quick pace of technological change, the reliability on software and hardware, and lack of standardization with technologies (Ennis, 2005). It is dependent on age, gender, and literacy. Tarafdar et al. (2007) discovered that the elders experience less technostress than younger people at work, women experience lower technostress than men, and those with superior computer literacy than those who without. Studies investigating the impact of age on technostress are limited and hence this research seeks to examine this relationship.
The negative psychological connection between persons and introduction of new technologies affects people’s productivity. Technostress manifests itself in every person in various degrees depending on age. This prevents coping or adapting to information in a healthy way, which prevents them from being productive. Most individuals feel compulsive about ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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