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A Discussion and Analysis of the Seven Sins of Memory - Essay Example

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As a function of such an analysis, this author will seek to analyze Daniel Schacter’s The Seven Sins of Memory: How the Mind Forgets and Remembers as a means of drawing inference from the discussion of these seven distinct types of memory loss…
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A Discussion and Analysis of the Seven Sins of Memory
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Extract of sample "A Discussion and Analysis of the Seven Sins of Memory"

Download file to see previous pages Whereas the memory is a complex process that each and every human being possesses, the fact of the matter is that it cannot succinctly be described in general terms. Rather, understanding he unique ways in which different types of memory and memory loss relates to the individual is a fundamental step in attempting to grasp a further understanding of the way in which memory is governed and integrated within the human being. Remembers as a means of drawing inference from the discussion of these seven distinct types of memory loss.
The first of these which Schacter introduces to the reader is that which is termed transient memory loss; or the type of memory loss that relates to a particular memory fading over a period of time. In this particular type of memory loss, the subject is able to recall a great deal more with relation to recent events than with regards to those that took place a long while ago. As the author notes, this particular type of memory loss is especially related to episodic memory in the fact that each and every time a particular episode is recalled it is, re-written, as it were; thereby altering the memory and making it more difficult to recall within the future (Renk et al, 2007). This type of memory loss most specifically affects the hippocampus.
The second sin of memory, as the author dubs these failings, is that of absent mindedness. This is perhaps the most widely discussed and well known of the memory loss issues as it relates to attention span and issues with the memory interface. This type of memory loss most intimately affects the short term memory and can of course be exhibited in situations such as forgetting where one placed the remote control, leaving one’s keys inside the car, or forgetting about important dates or appointments. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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