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Will more gun law lead to less gun violence - Research Paper Example

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Most people suggest that there will be less violence if a majority of citizens abide by the laws set up by the government compared to if the guns were completely banned. Additionally, while most Americans are generally in favor…
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Will more gun law lead to less gun violence
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Extract of sample "Will more gun law lead to less gun violence"

Will more gun law lead to less gun violence? More Gun laws will not lead to less gun violence. Most people suggest that there will be less violence if a majority of citizens abide by the laws set up by the government compared to if the guns were completely banned. Additionally, while most Americans are generally in favor of strengthening gun laws, a good number of them do not support that tougher laws can help reduce shootings. Majorities of gun owners say that citizens who engage in such kinds of violence will always have a way out to find the guns and commit violence no matter the strict laws (Egendorf 98). A lower percentage of people consider protecting the legal right to own a gun as opposed to protecting people from gun associated violence.
Anti-gun-control opinions are that if more states amended compulsory laws for criminals who commit crimes using guns, violence will be unaffected since such laws have been in existence but have failed to cut down crime. More laws on handguns have not had any significant effect on murder levels due to the high rate of handguns already in circulation before the laws took effect. Laws that seek to reduce guns in criminals hands might fail to reduce violence because active criminals can steal them or they can buy from the black market (Lott 34).
As difficult as it may be to accept, the truth is that it is not very possible to stop a shooter no matter the number of guns present. The only way to stop or lessen gun violence is to prevent the offender from acquiring the guns first. It is not convincing to argue that guns save life, as some people will say, since with 300 million guns already circulating, no solution has been evidenced but laws discouraging acquisition of more guns may be a logical answer.
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