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The Analytic Paper-Analyzing between a film and Freudian theory - Essay Example

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Thesis Statement: “One thing only do I know for certain and that is that mans judgments of value follow directly his wishes for happiness-that, accordingly, they are an attempt to support his illusions with arguments” (Freud pg 111).
Sigmund Freud is regarded as the father…
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The Analytic Paper-Analyzing between a film and Freudian theory
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Extract of sample "The Analytic Paper-Analyzing between a film and Freudian theory"

Download file to see previous pages The book has been widely used in reference to most of the psychoanalysis on human behavior. Scientists and psychoanalysts regard Freud as an important person shedding lots of information regarding human behavior.
According to Freud, human beings are under control of the id, the ego, and the super ego that controls the desires and satisfaction of humans. Civilization and its discontents largely dwell on the super ego, ego, and the id nature of human kind that mainly aims at benefiting ones desires but fails to protect the surrounding environment (Heffner). The super ego character makes humans lazy and selfish. For this reason, human crave for sexual desire and the best things in the society at all cost. This leads to theft, killing, rape, and drugs and substance abuse in the society. The desire to satisfy one’s own wishes makes life hard and disappointing. For this reason most people resort to ways which are harmful both individually and the whole society. According to Freud in his analysis of Civilization and its discontents, civilization is built upon human instincts. This is mainly aimed at getting pleasure. This is practically evident from James Whale’s film the Frankenstein of 1931.
On the contrary, civilization is against all these odds in the society and therefore set rules in the society that protect one individual from one another and establishes the need to have common interests in the society. The rules set by the society have severe punishment if broken. For this reason, human beings become discontented by the simple act of civilization. According to Freud, love will sometimes lead to humility, self-injury, and limitation of narcissism. In the case of the film Frankenstein, this is true.
James whale directed a horror film by the name Frankenstein in 1931 (Michael Brunas). The film is about Frankenstein, a scientist is wishing to fulfill his egocentric motives. The young man withdraws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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