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Why Do I Want to Be a Professional Counselor - Personal Goals - Assignment Example

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In the paper "Why Do I Want to Be a Professional Counselor - Personal Goals" the author describes that he would like to pursue a career as a school counselor in order to be more focused on guiding the youth. He expects pursuing this dream will be stressful because at this point in his life he has to work and study simultaneously…
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Why Do I Want to Be a Professional Counselor - Personal Goals
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Extract of sample "Why Do I Want to Be a Professional Counselor - Personal Goals"

I would like to have a career dedicated to helping people, especially the youth. This is the reason I would like to be a professional counselor. I think any program will give me an opportunity to help this population. Nevertheless, I would like to pursue a career as a school counselor in order to be more focused on guiding the youth.
I expect pursuing this dream will be stressful because at this point in my life I have to work and study simultaneously. For this reason, I am grateful I can apply lessons I have learned in my Career Development and Counseling course so I can manage my time well. I currently work as a restaurant server ad a cheer coach. I love my jobs as they give me a chance to work with different kinds of people so I do not want to give them up when I go on my internship course. I need at total of 250 hours to complete the pre-practicum and practicum requirements of my program. I have informed my employers about my program. Once I have my schedule at the internship site(s), my two employers and I will work out a schedule so I can meet my practicum hours and still satisfy my obligation to them.
I am hoping my bachelor’s degree, master’s degrees and current job experiences will help me be an effective youth counselor after graduation. I have already seen several schools advertising for intern counselors on the Internet. I would be paid hourly so this could help my finances.
I need to start planning for my practicum as early as possible. Especially in my situation as a working student, I should be able to know early how I will be managing my time to fulfill my work load and practicum schedule. Filing for the practicum course should be done 16 weeks prior to the start of the practicum. Although I can specify a definite practicum site after filing, I would still prefer planning ahead. I was able to get my bachelor’s degree four years after high school so I would like to finish my master’s degree without delay as well. Together with time management, I need to plan early for the cost as well. Liability insurance, a requirement to start the practicum course costs a minimum coverage of $1,000.00 per claim and $3,000.00 aggregate. There is also the cost for the licensure exams. Aside from passing my school tests, I need to take and pass a licensure exam from the National Board of Certified Counselors or Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification. T o register for the test, I need to submit a complete application packet and the $250 fee. Once approved for a license, I need to pay either a $100 or $250 license issuance fee.
Getting my license will make me eligible to work as a professional counselor. This is why meeting the state requirements is very important. Otherwise, I would not be able to utilize the learning and experience I worked hard to acquire to prepare for a career in counseling. Joining a professional association would be another significant influence for my chosen career as I can gain insight from my colleagues who have put knowledge into practice. Another important concept is to know the available jobs in professional counseling open to me. This way, I can make better and practical decisions on what electives to take and what state requirements I would need to meet to practice my profession. Also, I would be able to ask my clinical supervisor and other professors where a good place for internship and research on the job opportunities and licensing requirements in that area.
The two people who have helped me are Megan Robbins and Dan Wellman. They have both guided me in the right direction. Also, they occasionally call and check to see how my classes are going. I am glad that Grand Canyon has counselors such as these two on staff because they help me with my confidence level. They believe in me and make me strive to succeed. It is assuring to have excellent and caring counselors. Read More
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