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THE RITE OF SPRING by Igor Stravinsky - Essay Example

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On 23rd of February 2013, a concert was held by Igor Stravinsky at 7:30 pm. The venue of the concert was Kent Concert Hall located in Utah…
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THE RITE OF SPRING by Igor Stravinsky
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Extract of sample "THE RITE OF SPRING by Igor Stravinsky"

‘THE RITE OF SPRING’ By Igor Stravinsky, at the Kent Concert Hall in Logan, Utah As we all know the rite of springis a French title .It is a concert work by composer named Igor Stravinsky who started composing in 1913. On 23rd of February 2013, a concert was held by Igor Stravinsky at 7:30 pm. The venue of the concert was Kent Concert Hall located in Utah State University campus. This hall is especially designed for various dances, music and other musicalperformances.
This event was arranged by Utah State University’s Music department.The main purpose of event was to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’. So on 23rd February at 7:30 pm a huge crowd gathered in Kent Concert Hall in the Chase Fine Arts Centre to watch the performance. Moreover 130 student musicians also participated from Utah State and the University of Utah. There was a joint performance of Utah Philharmonic and USU symphony Orchestra of Igor Stravinsky’s Rite of spring.
Stravinsky is the most influential figure in the musical history and people admire him a lot. His compositions were quite rhythmic and clearly depicted links with Russia.Stravinsky’s ‘Rite of Spring’ was composed in 1913 which greatly inspired the people and grew popular among the people and in 20th century it turned to be the most influential piece of music. In the end one of the young maiden was chosen by her luck to dance herself to death.
After listening to his compositions, one can easily link the past and present of musical history. So the orchestral concert was held in the memory of this great composer welcoming the upcoming spring with open arms. People from distant places travelled to attend this festival.
The audience were given 3D glasses while entering the hall. On stage there was a performance of full orchestra and a dancer who was surrounded by invisible 3D stereoscopic cameras. This stunned the whole crowd for a while. The first half of the concert presented a multimedia examination of Igor Stravinsky’s two-part ballet; later his images were also projected. His biography and life history was also presented to make the people know about the background of this popular man and how he began composing in 1913. His life history influenced the listeners. After an intermission, the concert transpired. This was a perfect way to celebrate spring season.
The groundbreaking nature of his music, electrified the listeners following the Russia’s folk and classical traditions. The music had depth and was entirely unique and soothing for the listeners. The music captured the attention of crowd which ended in clapping and appreciating this orchestralconcert.
The tickets for Rite of Spring were sold for adults at the rate of 10$ whereas a price of $8 was charged for senior citizens and youth. The concert was a success;the audience was greatly influenced by this great musical work. The audience appreciated the performance and were looking forward for such events. It is hoped that the tradition remains unchanged in the future. Read More
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