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Assignment Information System Auditing - Essay Example

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Information system audit refers to the computerized elements of an accounting information system. Audit tests are of the following…
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Assignment Information System Auditing
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Extract of sample "Assignment Information System Auditing"

Download file to see previous pages Banks tend to be more concerned with the promptness in recording cash withdrawals than cash receipts. Thus, the data representing the payment of customers’ bills may be sent to the mainframe computer four to six times a day for updating, while deposits of cash may be transmitted only twice a day.
A common-carrier network is probably a good communication medium, but the data should be encrypted. The individual teller terminals should be connected to the remote main computer via dumb terminals. The tellers should not have any reason to download data regarding customer accounts (Botha & Boon, 2003).
The systems development process requires active involvement of users. The involvement by the user must not be stifled by the system’s technical complexity. The technology used notwithstanding, the users should create detailed written descriptions pertaining to their requirements. It takes joint efforts of the user and systems professionals to come up with a user specification document. However, this document will have to remain a statement of user requirements. The users view of the problem should be described and not that of the system professionals (Botha, 2000).
The activities for technical design translate user specifications into a set of well elaborated specifications which pertain to the technicals for a system meeting the user’s requirements. Systems analysis, feasibility analysis and detailed systems design are the scope of these activities. The quality of the documentation emerging from each phase is reflected from the adequacy pertaining to these activities.
An organization’s internal audit department requires independence, objectivity and technical qualification in order to meet the governance-related expectations of management. Therefore, the internal auditor is at a position to play critical role in systems control partaining to the activities in development (Davis, 2005).
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Assignment Information System Auditing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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