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General Project Description - Technology - Research Paper Example

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Ranging from academia to industry, the society has become dependent upon technology in almost every field. This has yielded mixed results for the society.
Students have to learn to use technology; they do not have…
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General Project Description - Technology
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Extract of sample "General Project Description - Technology"

How society has become dependent on technology The contemporary society is heavily dependent upon technology. Ranging from academia to industry, the society has become dependent upon technology in almost every field. This has yielded mixed results for the society.
Students have to learn to use technology; they do not have an option not to choose. If they do not learn the use of technology, they cannot adjust in the modern educational system. They cannot be graded if they do not submit assignments online (Osborne). They cannot be updated on the latest proceedings in the class if they do not regularly access the learning management system (LMS). They cannot compete with others to excel in academics if they do not learn the use of computer and its programs and softwares. Even the vast majority of tests they are required to pass to prove their eligibility for higher studies are computer-based.
The contemporary business is heavily dependent upon technology (Martinez). Be it planning, scheduling, accountancy, auditing, progress-tracking, management of product distribution channels, or advertisement of the product or service, everything is accomplished with the help of softwares, online or broadcasted programs on the television and/or the Internet.
The positive impacts of society’s dependence upon technology include improved efficiency, improved performance (Carte), improved communication, and reduction of time in the accomplishment of tasks in all fields. The negative impacts of society’s dependence upon technology include increased violence, new ways of bullying and blackmailing, reduced safety and security, and increased exposure to risk (“We Are Detrimentally”).
In the contemporary age, one who is not well-versed with the use of technology is outdated and lacks competence to compete with the rest of the world. Apart from the aforementioned uses of technology in the academia and industry, society’s dependent on technology in other fields including traveling and recreation cannot be overemphasized. Dependence on technology has yielded both positive and negative results for the society.
Annotated Bibliography
Carte, Brandon. “Students becoming more dependent on technology in the classroom, study
says.” The Post. 11 Sep. 2011. Web. 15 Feb. 2013. .
A research conducted by CourseSmart and Wakefield Research suggests that students have become very dependent on technology. Use of E-books, laptops, and mobile phones for educational purposes has increased a lot. The positive outcome of this is increased awareness of the students regarding their performance in the class.
Martinez, Teresa. “Businesses’ Dependence on Technology.” Capitalist Banter. 25 April 2012.
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Despite the immense usefulness of technology in business, the importance of sustaining old practices and processes cannot be overlooked since these processes have been proven successful with repeated use and with experience. These old processes helped businesses flourish even when there was no technology.
Osborne, Charlie. “Are college students dependent on technology?” 23 May 2012. Web. 15 Feb.
2013. .
Although the use of technology in education has tremendously increased over the passage of time, with students downloading notes from the Internet, submitting assignments online, and using netbooks and e-readers instead of text books, yet it cannot be said that students are actually dependent upon technology.
“We Are Detrimentally Dependent on Technology.” The University of Melbourne. 13 Oct. 2010.
Web. 15 Feb. 2013. .
This article talks about the omnipresence and utilization of technology in every aspect of the modern lifestyle. Technology is defined as science’s practical application in commerce. While there exists a consensus about the positive effects of technology on human life, technology’s negative aspects are also comparable. Read More
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