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Garbology - Essay Example

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People engage in many and differentiated activities that often result in trashing of stuffs (Russell and Ronald 44). For instance, trashing of wrapping papers…
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Extract of sample "Garbology"

Garbology Discarding garbage is an unavoidable activity in the daily lives of individuals, households, and the society at large. People engage in many and differentiated activities that often result in trashing of stuffs (Russell and Ronald 44). For instance, trashing of wrapping papers comes after shopping has taken place. On the same note, discarding kitchen refuse is done after during or after cooking. At a personal level, the same case applies in my residence. Notably, the garbage bin is emptied every single day, showing the extent to which trashing is done at an individual and/or household level.
Personally, my refuse pinpoints my shopping trends, the types of food I consume, my budget and expenditure, what types of food I eat on a regular basis, the number of people involved, and my concern for the environment. Essentially, I think I am regular shopper but not to the extent of being termed shopaholic. Most of my daily refuse comprise of shopping bags that I get from the store every time I shop. In fact, for every discarded trash, there is a shopping bag. In this respect, I think I prefer shopping regularly than just shopping once or twice a week. This means that I do not shop in bulk, thus the every-now-and-then trashing of shopping refuse.
Food consumption can tell so much about me. Over the observation period, most of my refuse comprised of ready-made food stuff. Raw kitchen refuse was minimal, while ready-made food remains were quite substantial. I think I prefer buying take-away food to actual cooking, an aspect that my garbage essentially reflects. With regard to budgeting and expenditure, I think I am a high-scale spender. My budget hardly conforms to my expenditure plan, and the reason is well seen in the junk-food trash that I discard. This also takes into account my personality and character because when I host my friends or family the garbage bin gets the best out of it.
I think I make frequent trips to the garbage bin more than any other person around my residence. Having said that, I think am responsible and concerned about the environment. I do not handle my trash carelessly. I make sure that what needs to be recycled and what needs to be trashed goes into the right section. On the same note, I opt to support green programs whenever I shop; I do this in stores that offer such programs.
In general, my refuse can tell what kind of a lifestyle I have. As it is the case so far, most of my garbage encompasses groceries shopping. Whilst I do not consider myself a spendthrift, I think I believe in enhancing my own welfare to the best of my ability. My economic status allows me to get what I need or want, although sometimes my expenditure outperforms the set budget. Religion is not a limiting factor in my life. I can buy, use, or consume anything that I am comfortable with. This is complemented by a political environment that allows the sale and purchase of any legal stuff. My garbage is essentially in line with my personality and character.
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Russell, Jesse, and Ronald Cohn. Garbology. New York: Book on Demand, 2012. Print. Read More
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Garbology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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