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Qualitative Research Method - Assignment Example

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The paper "Qualitative Research Method" describes that the selection of the data analysis technique is backed with the need of ensuring that the researcher shall not take advantage of the subjective collection of data to present data that cannot be authenticated and substantiated to be factual and reliable…
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Qualitative Research Method
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Extract of sample "Qualitative Research Method"

Recommend Data Analysis Techniques for a Qualitative Research Plan
For the qualitative research method, the anticipated data collection technique to use is the interview, with which a corresponding interview transcript shall be designed. For the interview, the kinds of data anticipated to be generated are open ended subjective questions that will yield a qualitative type of data. This is said against the background that once interviewees are asked questions by the researcher, the researcher does not limit their scope and range of response, thereby making the responses as subjective as possible (Gay and Airasian, 2000). As the major feature of qualitative method is to permit the researcher undertake subjective data collection and analysis, it is said that the kind of data to be generated will be the qualitative type of data. Directly related to the use of the interview, the researcher proposes to design an interview transcript that will be used as a data collection instrument. The most underling feature of this research instrument is that it would permit the researcher to assign codes to all the responses that are collected so that the corresponding data analysis exercise shall be easier and precise (Denzin and Lincoln, 2005).
Having touched on the data analysis plan to be used, it would be said that the selection of data analysis techniques is very important for this purpose of qualitative data collection research because the data analysis will make large volume of rich text data accessible and meaningful to all users of the research findings. The selection of the data analysis technique is backed with the need of ensuring that the researcher shall not take advantage of the subjective collection of data to present data that cannot be authenticated and substantiated to be factual and reliable. To this end, the hand coding technique shall be used. Hand coding is advantageous because it is interpretive and aims at organizing data so as to introduce the interpretation of the data into an empirical method (Creswell, 2007).
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Qualitative Research Method Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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