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Arabic Culture - Assignment Example

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Social beliefs and attitudes have remained the same because Arab community is extra conservative and requires its members to conform. Nevertheless, a number of individuals from the…
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Arabic Culture
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Extract of sample "Arabic Culture"

  Arabic Culture All Arabs share fundamental values and beliefs that go beyond social and national borders. Social beliefs and attitudes have remained the same because Arab community is extra conservative and requires its members to conform. Nevertheless, a number of individuals from the western community do not have adequate access to customs and traditions of the Arab community. The Arab society is made up of twenty five nations and boundaries that are in northern Africa and Middle East including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and Iraq. In addition, Arabic culture is full of traditions and customs that concentrate immensely on the significance of family and religion. Also, Arabic traditions and cuisine is largely influenced by the geographic regions that constitute the Arab region (Ayalon 14). This paper will look at three cultural practices that are impacted by history and geography.
First, Brides all over the Arab region take part in the customary henna ceremony or party. All the countries in the Arab region consider henna as both decorative and carrying fertility and good luck to the women who are going to be married (Ayalon 31). In some Arab regions, females go to a party shortly prior to the wedding where the feet and hands of the bride are painted with elaborate outlines. The henna paste is applied in a cautious manner and should stay untouched on the skin for a number of hours to form a stout dark blemish. During this period the bride is kept company by her family and friends and this is her last chance to socialize without the watch of her companion and, finally, a household. In other Arab regions, the application of henna may be applied directly before the wedding or constitute part of the ceremony.
Second, Muslim eating practices exist all over the Arab region. Arab Muslims do not consume any alcohol or eat meat from pigs. In addition, these people keep the left hand at the side and eat with the right one during meals. This is because Muslim Arabs in all regions perceive the left hand as unclean. They are also extremely cautious not to point the sole of their feet at another person during meals, if they are sitting on the floor. This is presumed to be offensive (Ayalon 38). Arab cuisine is also a mixture of richly different cuisines from all over the Arab region from northern Africa to the Middle East. They also consume lots of tea or coffee before, during, or after meals.
Finally, Arab communities have an extremely strict policy regarding female and male interaction. A large part of the Arab region is made up of nations that are conservative. Therefore, specified unspoken laws dominate female and male interaction. Members of the male population in general do not maintain eye contact or stare at females when they are having a conversation with them. All over the Arab region it is regarded insulting to look intently at a female member of the population when talking to them. Also, throughout history, male individuals in the Arab region have not been shaking females’ hands except when the females offer their own hand (Ayalon 63).
Work Cited
Ayalon, A. The Press in the Middle East: A History. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. Print. Read More
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Arabic Culture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Arabic Culture Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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