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Most and Least Favorable Approaches - Assignment Example

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Strategic issues in AmeriCares Association are basic policies that have an impact on the organization’s charge, principles and directives, and this is in terms of their costs, financing, management and organization structure. Therefore, there is a serious need to focus on…
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Most and Least Favorable Approaches
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Extract of sample "Most and Least Favorable Approaches"

Most and Least Favorable Approaches Most and Least Favorable Approaches Strategic issues in AmeriCares Association are basic policies that have an impact on the organization’s charge, principles and directives, and this is in terms of their costs, financing, management and organization structure. Therefore, there is a serious need to focus on strategic issues in AmeriCares Association effectively to facilitate achievement of organizational objectives. However, if the organization fails to address these strategic issues, it lacks the ability to plan for dealing with threats and capitalizing on substantial opportunities in the environment (Bryson, 2011). Nevertheless, to facilitate resolution of these issues, there is a need to have preparedness for dealing with conflicts, thereby establishing a statement of strategic issue that entail three elements.
The issue identified is expected to give a concise description with a single paragraph, and the issue should be framed and addressed by the organization. However, there are situation when an organization lack the ability to address the question; thus, it ought to limit attention on the issues that cannot be resolved to avoid wastage of time. The element involves listing the factors that are basic policy questions. In this situation, the objectives, principles, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of the organization are made strategic issues. Furthermore, these issues are listed, after which they apply in the following stage of strategy identification. The last stage involves a planning team, which is expected to make indications of the implication of not addressing the strategic issues. This involves a review of the consequences in order to inform judgments and various issues (Taylor, 1984). In this case, steps of identifying strategic issues in an organization are substantial to facilitate survival and success of the organization and offering substantial advice on ways to achieve these objectives.
Preferred approach of identifying strategic issues is a direct approach, which requires the strategic planners to focus on outlook of charges and objectives organization. The strategic planners are expected to conduct a SWOT analysis in order to identify the strategic issues that are compatible with the public and government agencies (Bryson & Delbecq, 1979). This approach is best applied in the absence of an agreement on goals. Direct approaches of identifying the strategic issues are useful in situations without pre-existing vision of achieving set objectives. It can also apply when there are no impositions of goals by hierarchical authority on the stakeholders like the situation in AmeriCares Association. Moreover, the approach can be applied in a situation when the turbulent has developed unrealistic objectives or where there is insignificant effort to deal with the immediate issues faced by the organization. Therefore, through direct approach, a strategic planner works in partisan and pluralistically in the public organizations such as AmeriCares Association, where there is no domination of a coalition (Bryson & Einsweiler, 1988).
On the other hand, the goal approach is not applicable in identification of strategic issues in AmeriCares Association. The approach focuses on establishing goals and developing strategies for achievement of these objectives. However, this approach overlooks on the fact that there is a chance of setting unrealistic goals that cannot be achieved due to various conditions such as inefficiency of resources and labor (Bryson, 1988). Moreover, the approach is designed to focus on pursuing narrow objectives using few stakeholders in an organization that has numerous and powerful stakeholders.
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Most and Least Favorable Approaches Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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