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Discription of my - Research Paper Example

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People tend to experiment drug due to several reasons such as curiosity, pressure or depression. However, the use of drug can generate risks in terms of complex health problems, low stress handling…
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Discription of my research
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of Project: Research paper- Beating Drug Addiction and Becoming Successful ment of Purpose or Problem to be addressed: Drug addiction is an important social issue for people of present generation. People tend to experiment drug due to several reasons such as curiosity, pressure or depression. However, the use of drug can generate risks in terms of complex health problems, low stress handling abilities, suicidal proclivity and mental disorder issues. Due to these negative aspects of drug addiction, several drug addicts attempt to decrease the habit of using drug. Nevertheless, drug users at times find it difficult to discontinue with the habit of taking drugs due to certain physical and psychological circumstances. On the basis of this context, the research will intend to concentrate on the withdrawal of drug consumption of people in order to make them socially responsible. The research is based on understanding the role played by rehabilitation centers in order to recover the individuals who are addicted with drugs.
SPECIFICS OF PROJECT – Brief description under each category:
I. Objectives/Goals:
With the above concern regarding drug addiction, the objectives of the research are
To recognize and define the characteristics of drug users
To review the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs for drug remedies
To develop best practices in order to encourage recovery of drug addicts
II. Expected Learning Outcomes:
The research will help to gain significant understanding about the challenges that are faced by the drug users while retreating from using drugs. Furthermore, the research will also provide a significant knowledge regarding the reasons for drug consumption and possible negative impacts of it in the life of people. Throughout the research, learning can be gained regarding the method of therapy for drug users. It will help to recognize the best practices that can help to completely eradicate the usage of drug and to become a responsible societal member.
III. Benefits to Organization:
There are several organizational benefits related with the research. The research will help to assist the people who are suffering from drug addiction. Besides, involvement in the rehabilitation program can help to gain significant experience about the characteristics of drug users. As a result, it can support the employees in the rehabilitation center regarding the method of dealing with the drug users and the method of treatment.
IV: Specific Activities:
The research will be a five step process. At first, review will be conducted through critical study regarding the subject or related topics. The literature review will be intended to gain basic theoretical knowledge about the research subject. After conducting a comprehensive literature review, primary data will be collected through questionnaire survey method in order to understand the behavior and the characteristics of the drug users. In the third phase, the collected data will be analyzed in order to generate detailed understanding of the research problem. The outcome of data analysis will be presented in the fourth phase to depict the true picture of the research subject. On the basis of findings, discussion will be made and conclusion will be drawn in the fifth and final phase of the research. Besides, future areas of the research will also be explained on the subject area.

V. Resources Utilized for Practicum:
In the research, both primary and secondary data will be used. The primary data will be collected from questionnaire survey method and the secondary data will be collected from several journals, articles and books. Furthermore, several internet library sources will also be used in order undertake the research.
VI. Method of Implementation:
In order to gather the primary data through questionnaire method, questionnaire will be formed and on the basis of questionnaire, interview will be conducted by targeting drug users. The drug users for the purpose of questionnaire interview survey will be approached from different rehabilitation centers. Their review will be assessed through likert scaling technique which is quite a feasible method for statistically analyzing the reactions of the respondents. Read More
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(Discription of My Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Discription of My Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Discription of My Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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