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Class 6340 week 2 discussion - Assignment Example

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The scholarship activity I carried out was together with a few of my colleagues and friends develop a technological and computer competency website for nurses in nursing education courses that would enable them view researches from others in the same course in different…
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Class 6340 week 2 discussion
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6340 week 2 discussion Affiliation: Scholarship and service activities The scholarship activity I carried out was together with a few of my colleagues and friends develop a technological and computer competency website for nurses in nursing education courses that would enable them view researches from others in the same course in different locations and at the same time use it as a platform to teach themselves how to carry out online researches on their different course units and the success was eminent.
My first service activity was in a maternity clinic in my hometown in Hamilton, Ohio where I volunteered to educate expectant women on both prenatal and postnatal care since this information was not being provided due to the lack of enough nurses and midwifes in that area where the clinic was located. This gave me an opportunity to provide my gained knowledge to them and hence helped to save mothers and their unborn children.
Other than that service, I also participated in awareness of stress management in different locations also in Ohio State. It was a campaign organized by a public hospital in conjunction with several other stakeholders whose initiative was to offer information to blue-collared workers about how to manage stress and even offer counseling services to them. The skills and knowledge I have had in counseling enabled me to be comfortable participating in this activity.
Qualification as a service or scholarship
The scholarship is qualified to be a scholarship of teaching because according to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, its aim is to pass knowledge from an experienced nurse to a novice or even pass knowledge to the other nursing student which is what my online website was all about (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 1999).
In the first service activity in a maternity clinic, the recipients of this service were expectant women since those were the people I dealt with one-on-one offering my knowledge, skills and counseling services. Since there were no remunerations being offered to me by either the clinic or the patients, I consider it to be a service.
The recipients of the second activity were the blue-collared men and women in Ohio State in those areas we visited. I consider this a service because according to Pape (2000), a service is usually altruistic and in my case, the activity was purely altruistic.
Completion and future scholarship and services
The scholarship is still a work in progress as I need to advertise it to more nursing students and make them participate and post information that is peer-reviewed and credible and also that the information posted should be relevant to the other nursing students as well.
The service in the maternity clinic is also still ongoing and I plan to go back and continue with it once I am on academic break and even keep on volunteering once in a while even after I am through with my studies.
As for the stress management campaign, it was a one-time event an hence it is over and I can include it as an experience in my curriculum vitae because it helped me gain experience on campaigning and being assertive to the people that are not paid much attention to in society.
American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (1999). AACN position statement on defining scholarship for the discipline of nursing. Washington, DC: Author. Retrieved May 16, 2006, from
Pape, T. (2000). “Boyer’s model of scholarly nursing applied to professional development.” AORN Journal, 71, 995, 997–999, 1001, 1003. Read More
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Class 6340 Week 2 Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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