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Design of Stormwater Drainage System - Term Paper Example

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This is mainly because water is quite a sensitive product that almost all of the living things depend on. Therefore, strict codes of ethics must be placed to guide in…
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Design of Stormwater Drainage System
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Extract of sample "Design of Stormwater Drainage System"

Design of Stormwater Drainage System 6.3 Relevant s of Ethics and Moral Frameworks The relevant s of ethics and the moral frameworks in the design of a stormwater storage system are diverse. This is mainly because water is quite a sensitive product that almost all of the living things depend on. Therefore, strict codes of ethics must be placed to guide in the provision of safe water for diversity. Ethical issues revolve around the provision of the professional services and must be adhered to by the professionals like the design engineers and they include in this case: - Design engineers must conduct their work with a lot of duty to care, ‘…do no harm’ when contemplating stormwater drainage design. In line with this, the engineers performing such work are expected ethically to perform the work through high standards of honesty and integrity given that the profession has the necessary impact on the quality of life of the people. Secondly, the services provided in the design of the stormwater drainage/storage system require the highest degrees of honesty, impartiality, fairness and equity. Above all, the project must be dedicated towards the protection of the health of the public, as well as their safety and welfare. Hence, under the standards of professional behavior, the design engineers must exhibit the highest principles of ethical conduct (Dym & Little, 2000).
Morality on the other hand requires adherence towards the laws that governs the design and construction of the stormwater storage systems. This requires that all the stakeholders of the project right from the engineers, the workers and the community abide by the law guiding the same (Whitbeck, 1998). This law in most cases is guided by the natural flow rule, which requires acceptance for the benefit of all by the parties affected incase of this project.
6.4 Ethical Dilemmas and Justification of Proposed Solution
Ethics in the handling of the design of the stormwater storage system requires that a high degree of ethics be upheld. This is due to the sensitivity of water as a resource and the ethics is concerning creation of safety most so to the users of this resource. One of the interests comes with the interests of the interested parties like the political class who shelve individual interests. This may compromise the quality of the storage systems since the engineers may be compromised if not for anything then due to intimidation (Schrier & Gibson, 2011). The fact that the storage system designed is likely to serve a wider region also presents a dilemma. The planners may be overwhelmed about the control of the resource in terms of who is bestowed the control. Is it the government or the community who have an express right of usage? Who would bear the costs of such a public utility and so forth?
The justification for these is not guaranteed and the involved parties still need to fall back to the set ethical and moral frameworks. These frameworks would set laws, which can be amended from time to time ensuring that there is smooth functioning of the established resource. In addition, honesty, equity and fairness must be upheld for the efficiency and effectiveness of the functioning and usage of the designed stormwater storage system (Whitbeck, 1998).
Dym, C. L., & Little, P. (2000). Engineering design: a project-based introduction. New York: John Wiley.
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Whitbeck, C. (1998). Ethics in engineering practice and research. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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Design of Stormwater Drainage System Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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