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Law and Health Care System Administration ( Subject: Healthcare) - Research Paper Example

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The industry in itself seems to lie in wait without regard from most until a moment, big or small, emerges where one is absolutely dependant on healthcare whether to cure their small ailment or to…
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Law and Health Care System Administration (Paper Subject: Healthcare)
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Extract of sample "Law and Health Care System Administration ( Subject: Healthcare)"

Download file to see previous pages ntially important relationships determine how we as healthcare professionals can provide the best care to the patients who come to us with the trust that we will be able to make them better. With these notions in mind, the purpose of this essay is to determine the importance of physician-patient and hospital-patient relationships, contract principle and breach of warranty within a healthcare setting, how to determine the four elements of proof needed for a case of medical negligence and finally how these factors can contribute to the responsibilities of a healthcare organization’s governing board. Through these discussions, the aim of this paper is to highlight the role of law within healthcare administration.
The patient-physician relationship creates one of the oldest and most intimate bonds of trust within human relationships. The basis of this connection is the need of a person to trust a healthcare professional in order to help them heal from any particular ailment or disease. According to the University of Washington School of Medicine, the fiduciary relationship is essential to treatment both diagnostically and therapeutically. “In order for the physician to make accurate diagnoses and provide optimal treatment recommendations, the patient must be able to communicate all relevant information about an illness or injury” (University of Washington, 1998). With this understanding, it is evident that healthcare administrators must be conscious and accepting that it is their primary duty to ensure that the physician-patient relationship is maintained and valued at all costs. The sentiment on the immense importance of the physician-patient relationship is shared by Dr. Susan Dorr Goold and Dr. Mack Lipkin Jr., in their article “The Doctor-Patient Relationship.” According to these two professionals, even with the current shift in healthcare including managed care and team care efforts still must also work to include exceptional physician-patient and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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