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Critical Issues in Non Profits: Final paper - Coursework Example

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It helps the people in many aspects such as providing education, health, infrastructure and a better standard of living. The concept of philanthropy is further categorized into many areas…
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Critical Issues in Non Profits: Final paper
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Extract of sample "Critical Issues in Non Profits: Final paper"

Download file to see previous pages The money they generate to help people are mostly through charities and donations. The stakeholders of nonprofit organizations do not look at the financial statements at the end of the day as they do not expect profit from their investment, rather the money they get into the organization is all spent on the social welfare activities (Boris, 2013).
On the whole, it seems very easy to open a nonprofit organization and help the society, but the case is totally opposite. Steven Goldberg, a well known author, has identified some of the critical issues regarding nonprofit organizations in his book “Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets: Why Philanthropy Doesnt Advance Social Progress”. People, at first, used to rely on government to provide them with all the major facilities. It was sooner realized by the rich community that the government, alone, cannot provide people with all their needs and that’s when the nonprofit sector came into existence. The nonprofit sector did not only bring huge funding with it but also came up with creative ideas. For example in building a school in a remote area, not did these organizations funded the construction of the school but also provided the school with well educated staff and improved education system. Goldberg has also appreciated nonprofit organizations for the extra efforts they put in for the betterment of the people (Schambra, 2013).
According to Goldberg, there are two important factors which a nonprofit organization look at before taking any decision. The first and the most important factor for any nonprofit organization to start a project are to get the funding for that project. Funding not only determines the intensity of the project but also the life of it. The second factor is choosing the number of people the organization will look to target. The best number is said to be a “mid-cap” nonprofits, somewhere between “large-cap” (Red Cross and United Way) and the “small caps”. It is said as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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