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Career Goal Statement for Nursing Program - Essay Example

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I would like to become a registered expert nurse in the nursing profession in the next five years. I also desire to obtain a bachelor degree in nursing.
I am interested in the nursing career because I…
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Career Goal Statement for Nursing Program
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Extract of sample "Career Goal Statement for Nursing Program"

Career Goal ment in Nursing Who am I and what I would like to achieve in life I am a prospective intending tojoin the generic nursing program. I would like to become a registered expert nurse in the nursing profession in the next five years. I also desire to obtain a bachelor degree in nursing.
My interests in the nursing career
I am interested in the nursing career because I have sufficient experience in patient/health issues, such as health care service provisions dubbed Home Health Aid. I also have useful certifications in health care namely EKG and Phlebotomy. In addition, I have a passion for treating and ensuring the well-being of all people with pain and requiring treatment in this field. This also fulfils my childhood dream reinforced over time.
My values
I believe in integrity, honesty and diligence in handling people’s information. I am courteous and hospitable with a higher regard for the elderly. I like interacting and socializing with friends with a view to knowing emotional, physical and psychological well-being of people.
Why nursing career fit me
My multiple skills and experience puts me in the best position for generic nursing program. I have educational courses gained from my pre-professional nursing classes. I have helped treat complicated complications affecting a larger segment of our population like performing, teaching, and supervision of blood collection procedures. I have also conducted uncomplicated and painless tests for patients with heart diseases by recording their hearts electrical activity.
Expectations to achieving from the nursing career in the long run
I would like to hone my nursing skills and attain a top nurse status in the state. My skills will allow me overcome significant complications I have seen and experience many patients undergo. I also intend to become an Associate Degree Nurse (ADN) through internship and referrals. I would like to help reduce the rising cases of heart diseases by writing and partnering with other nurses in journals, articles and magazines.
My achievements, experience and qualifications for nursing career
Having the EKG and Phlebotomy certifications, I am destined to become a professional nurse. I have excellent report from the lead nurse in the institution I earlier worked. I have helped treat more than 15 cases of heart complications. My previous health facility, with my assistance, collected more than 1500 blood samples kept in the blood bank.
What I intend to do in the future
I would like to become an experienced nurse with the ability to treat and handle referral cases and emergencies. I also intend to produce my own book on Phlebotomy complications and provide an objective view of this profession. I would like to become a source of consultation in health issues by helping open an EKG section of the library in the university. I would like to make my skills help reduce the rising cases of diabetes and arthritis thus lowering mortality rates in the country. I would also like to develop greater association and partnership with other health professionals so as to remain proactive and share knowledge and experiences.
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